Summary of every book on the state of Islam written by a Muslim

Here, as a public service, is a summary of every single book on the state of Islam ever written by a devout Muslim in modern times:

The Muslim world is in crisis. But none of this indicates any fault with my version of Islam, which in its core precepts is divine and perfect. Muslims, however, have misunderstood Islam, and have therefore fallen into unfortunate circumstances.

There. That should save you from having to read through an awful lot of books. You’re welcome.

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  • C Woods

    You could substitute just about any religion or sect for Muslim in that summary and it would describe most of the recent literature from that religion.

    Well, at least according to your summary, they are blaming themselves instead of the evil, heathen, capitalists of other countries/religions. But, oh, they do that, too.

  • RBH

    'Preciate it.

  • UNRR

    This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 7/1/2009, at The Unreligious Right

  • Sleeprunning

    reading interesting comment on how islam/mideast is/was societies of local tribes/leaders because of topography/climate/geology….never really cohered…was basically ungovernable from central authority…islam stopped infighting but could not pull region(s) routes…way stops…trade cities is the model that has always worked best…no bad guys…just nature's rules….