New Chick Tract

I worry that there are people in this world who actually believe stuff like this.

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Professor of physics at Truman State University

  • Baconsbud

    I hope no one believes this either but knowing how some think I figure some will. It fits into their view of what god haters should act like. I figure some will even see this as something that is real and use it as a story for converting people.

  • PersonalFailure

    The thing I hate most about Chick Tracts their insistance that as soon as you get saved, you (a) become the bestest person ever, and (b) everything is forgiven. Raped you daughter? That's okay! Beat your wife to death? As long as you've got Jesus now!

    It's disgusting.

  • round guy

    I thought it was nice that the woman at the beginning dropped the little girl off to a certain beating instead of trying to do something about it—lovely.
    Of course, trying to make sense of a Chick tract is dangerous; that way lies madness.

  • Sola Ratione

    Aside from the appalling prospect of vulnerable people (esp. children) being 'persuaded' by these tracts, I actually think they are rather useful. They make explicit the morally repugnant message that lies at the heart of the Christian 'gospel': TURN OR BURN.

    Many Christians will, of course, want to spurn these tracts as just 'idiosyncratic', utterly unrepresentative of their own faith. But the standard-bearer for the 'gospel' is presumably Jesus Christ; and he is pretty clearly situated on Chick's side of the fence: "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire".

    Morally sensitive Christians have done their best, ever since, to cling-wrap this horrendous belief in euphemisms and intellectual respectability (e.g. 'Hell is locked from the inside'). But then the Chick Tracts come along, as open and honest as the day and do a 'full monty' – stripping the gospel to its bare essentials, exposing its ugly heart for all the world to see.

  • Sleeprunning

    wot r u kidding!!??….whole heck of a lot more than belief wot we do….esp in the US…wot 1/3 of US believes we, and all life on earth, really need to be destroyed to purify the planet….oh yea, this frame works BIG time…NOT science…to me, evangelical christianity is a death cult…following from ba'al and moloch…not 2 demonize but historically…it's some of the most powerful (pop culture) symbols/messages/tools devised…fear is the basis and guess what?…animal brains are designed around fear…

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