Soldiers for Christ

Hey, check out Liberty University’s on-line theology and apologetics program!

It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools!

About Keith Parsons
  • Steven Carr

    I can't see where it says how many blog posts you have to write to get a degree.

  • libhom

    I love the word "Apologetics." It sounds like they are apologizing for religion, which they certainly should be.

  • saved

    Christianity is NOT a religion. It is the belief in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself said He hated religion. Religion is a temporary pardon from sin, until the next time you sin. Jesus Christ's death on the cross was a permanent pardon from our guilt of sin, if we accept this offering from God Himself. If we don't accept Jesus'suffering and death on the cross for our sin-He was guiltless-then we will have to pay the penalty ourselves.No thankyou, so I thank God everyday I won't have to pay,His Son did because God is merciful to us Thank God. Do you have anything in your heart that feels grateful to God because as much hate you have for God, He is willing to foregive you if you would only open up your mind and heart to the truth.

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