Christian creationists for freedom of speech

And now, the Christian creationists—intelligent design proponents in this case—come out in defense of freedom of speech. That is, they decry the “Darwinist” persecution of alternative points of view.

How many intellectuals and media conveyers will defend free speech and the importance of an unfettered debate of ideas? Fewer and fewer. We are witnessing in America a kind of academic French Revolution, where leading opinion is fratricidal, enraged, fanatical — and then overthrown to make room for a newer fanaticism.

. . . the tawdry campaign of Darwinists to misrepresent and punish those scientists and science writers who dissent from Darwinism, or merely are known to associate with dissenters. . .

etc. etc.

I suppose I should be encouraged that religious conservatives feel the need to defend their positions using liberal rhetoric.

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