Religious texts are meaningless. That is why they are deeply meaningful.

Religious truths are ever-changing, endlessly adaptable. That is why they are timeless and immutable.

Religions promise Everything. That is why they do not have to deliver.

Religious insights are inexpressible. That is why believers never stop talking.

The gods are absurd. That is why they are immortal.

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Professor of physics at Truman State University

  • CyberKitten

    Ignorance is Strength…..?

  • UnBeguiled

    I love it when I can get a theologian to say that human beings can have no knowledge of God. Cuz then I can tell him to shut up about it.

  • Baconsbud

    I like these and when you look from outside religion you can see this. To bad most people are afraid to stand outside their beliefs and look in.

  • Unacceptable Since 1945

    I suggest that you glean some understanding of English. For a start immutable indicates no change while you're indicating an evolution of religious thought. You can't have both in one sentence and make any type of sence.

  • Jason S

    LOL at Unacceptable Since 1945.

  • Hesiodos

    Sounds kinda like Zen

  • Tony

    Good stuff. Zen starts from the premise of "Shut up!", which is why, after years of reading about world religions, I tossed out the books.

    Towers of Babble indeed. And it is All. Right. Here. Now.

  • Sabio Lantz

    Fun aphorisms, but evidence seems to point at the fact that most successful myths are remembered and spread best if most of the myth makes sense except for a few salient points.