New Chick Tracts

Here’s a nice way to start a new year.

One thing you have to say about Jack Chick is that he’s not political. Quite a few Protestant conservatives have made a political alliance with Catholic right-wingers. But Chick denounces everybody that disagrees with his narrowminded craziness. There’s no need to worry about him being entangled in authoritarian religious alliances.

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  • Mark

    I like this tactic of evangelizing to ethnic minorities by trotting out the most ridiculous and offensive caricatures of their culture. It demonstrates that only by trusting in our lord Jesus Christ we may attain true chutzpah.

  • Ash

    Jack never fails to amuse. He is complaining about how Catholic popes dare to speak for god, but Jack is perfectly okay with telling you how Jesus feels. Is that more ironic or hypocritical?

  • el guapo

    "The pit of hell"

    Infinite torture, for whatever the crime, cannot be laid at the feet of an all-powerful god who is morally good.