New Chick Tract

Hell is a strange, strange notion.

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  • Kosmófilo

    Thanks for the heads-up! I loved it, specially the scene where the nurse meets him in the rain and tell him about the pastor. It reminds me of films where somebody tells the main character of the old Native American who is the only one able to stop a curse.

    Another remarkable concept is their honesty about the idea that billions are burning just because no humans told them about it. How smart and moral their god and religion are!

  • Mark

    "But I unwittingly caused men not to meet the conditions under which God would refrain from torturing them! Why would God forgive me?"

  • zbyte64

    Wow, things I've learned:

    No need for a Jury, just a good hanging
    God will send two people to hell for every one person he brings to heaven
    If you don't believe in hell you're going to hell

    Very educational

  • bel te shaz zar

    jack chick is the ultimate IRL troll, and surely that is a blowjob joke he just 'inserted' in there.

  • Dianelos Georgoudis

    Hell is indeed a strange notion. Some theologians try to make sense of it. For example Richard Swinburne suggests that perhaps hell is a place of suffering only from the point of view of theists, but is actually the best possible world from the point of view of non-theists. The idea is that God is so good, that He is willing to not be in the face of those who do not like Him, and creates an alternative reality where they can be alone enjoying some kind of naturalistic paradise. The idea makes some sense, but I am not buying it. An inhabited hell, in any form or numbers, entails a failure of God’s purpose, and I don’t think such an idea holds water under theism.

    Having said that, I don’t think that the Chick tracts is a good place to learn about the notion of hell. Nor about anything else really, except about how primitive and ugly religion can be made. Which is a sobering realization.