Vatican Condemns Ordination of Women

Check this out:
The desiccated old farts that constitute the Catholic hierarchy never learn do they? Why does the Roman Catholic Church have any moral capital at all? Why should anyone listen to a 2000 year old old-boy network? Well, of course, the RC church has done a lot for the poor, as it damn well should since it is responsible for there being so many of them. However, it never has worked so zealously for anybody as it has to hide and protect the pederasts in its midst. Why women remain in an organization that treats them like that is to me a greater mystery than the nature of the Holy Trinity. Wouldn’t it be great if they would start leaving in droves?

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    Isn't there any way to send "DM" to Cyber Siberia? If he were even an interesting nut, that would be worthwhile. Being devoid of content, his posts have nothing meriting a response. "DM" reminds me of Gabby Johnson, the incoherent old prospector in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles. My favorite bit in the movie is where Gabby delivers a foaming, incomprehensible rant and one of the town's other citizens stands and asks "Now who can argue with that?" Precisely. Someone find a way to block DM's drivel, please.

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    I Googled "Dennis Markuze," DM's name,and found that he has made death threats against P Z Myers. If we cannot get rid of him, and if he threatens you, please report it to the authorities immediately.