They’re raising the dead! Today!

I ran into a 2009 web page from a Hawaiian Christian movement of some sort, where they claim a man was raised from the dead recently.

Even if you believe their report (I suspect the usual embellishments and exaggerations), it’s not as clear-cut as they advertise it.

Other miracles include a “multiplication of food” incident, and a healing of an incurable disease.

I’m tempted to say that it must be interesting to live in a less-developed country where this sort of miracle-belief and religious fervor is routine and everyday. But then again, the US is such a country, given our crappy standing on many indicators of social health. We might as well enjoy a culture where miracles are all you can hope for.

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  • shreddakj

    It isn't just happening in Hawaii, but here in New Zealand as well (not claims of raising the dead though, but other miracles). Just recently the pastor of one of the churches in my area's daughter had a heart attack, she was rushed to a hospital where the doctors did everything they could but told the family there was a chance that she wouldn't make it. Needless to say, the entire church was praying.. Now they're claiming that the doctors were amazed by her recovery, and that she could have only recovered by divine intervention.