Best philosophy of religion books since 2000?

An old Prosblogion post asks its readers to name the top ten (or so) philosophy of religion books since 2000. I’m curious what readers here think. Which books do you think have made the greatest contribution to the subject since then? Note that I’m not necessarily asking which books you think have been the most influential within the professional field of philosophy of religion—if you think a book disregarded by the academy has made a real contribution to the subject itself, by all means list it.

And yes, if your own books are that good, you should set modesty aside and list them!

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  • Dianelos Georgoudis


    I think John Hick's "Evil and the God of Love" should be considered one of the most important books of philosophy of religion written in the last 100 years. Theism, as an intellectual enterprise, stands or falls with its theodicy, and I think most progressive theistic philosophers (as well as many non-theistic philosophers of religion) agree that John Hick's elaboration on the Irenaean theodicy is more powerful than the traditional and official Augustinian one.

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