Catholic monarchism

This video is getting attention on some secular blogs now. I must say, it’s surprising to see that Catholic anti-democracy views still survive, in the US especially. But here it is: a four-minute defense of rule by a Catholic monarch as a political ideal.

YouTube Preview Image

It has a kind of semi-insane coherence characteristic of some of the worst political ideas. Randroid atheism would perhaps be a nonbelieving analogue.

Update: this looks real. Visit

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  • CyberKitten

    That's a comedy sketch…. right?

  • Mark Vuletic

    Shades of Poe's law…

  • hardindr

    No, this video is definitely legitimate. I've watched a few of these videos from the people that run youtube channel for a few years now. I think it should be pointed out that the people who run the channel really don't like the Catholic hierarchy, but, rather than from a liberal perspective, the are coming from an ultraconservative, pre-Vatican II, "traditional" Catholic perspective. Anyone in the US Catholic hierarchy who publicly stated that they didn't believe in pluralistic democracy as the proper system of government would probably lose their job (Bishops included). That may not be true in other countries, but certainly for the US.


    Why is Monarchism seen as insane? Other than the usual “of with their heads” rhetoric about how Monarchy is a dictatorship and all, I mean.

    Monarchy did manage to last centuries and all the basic Rights and freedoms we associate with Democracy actually emerged from a feudal Culture. Meanwhile, the Ideal of Democracy drove the whole Communist experiment. Yeah I know, we’re use to thinking of the Communists as not Democratic, but that is not what they said and its hard to argue with them given their Constitutions and the Philosophical basis of them. Not that you need to go to a Communist Nation to find Political corruption, America is rife with it.

    I think your reactions to Monarchy as insane are more knee jerk emotional responses rooted in Cultural Stereotypes than actual Reason.

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