The Sound Of Science

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Rape them Atheists!
G&T Rebuttal, Part 6: Chapter 7
Apologetics Infographic #1: Atheism and Nothingness
What if you Saw a Miracle?
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Professor of physics at Truman State University

  • shreddakj

    Oh that was just brilliant!

  • DiBattista

    I would love to show this to the kids in my STEM class, but I know I have a couple of bible thumpers in there that would literally freak out when they saw that "clining to old delusions" part.

  • Tom

    That video is epic! It starts of a little silly, and gets hilarious, whereas the original started off eerily and got dark.

    Great find.

  • IamJoseph

    There is no contradictions between creationism and evolution; the latter was introduced in the former. Namely, CREATION VS EVOLUTION is a misnomer; CREATIONISM; EVOLUTION is the way to go.

    When examined, Darwin said what is already seen in Genesis, including that one life form may graduate from another. Here, the only condition Genesis made is both have to be the same terrain based. IOW, Genesis introduced the first categorising of life forms, presenting them in their most fundamental criteria – by terrain [water, air, land based]. Genesis calls these 'kinds' [species] and says each follows their own kind. This allows a land based life to evolve from another land based life.

    Darwin introduced cross-speciation, which is yet not a fact but a theory. It suffers a fundamental math glitch: an 'on-going' [continual] process is not impacted by the time factor, and must be manifest every second, in every region. Darwin's ToE is also not a universal premise, like 2+2=4; its adaptation does not adapt to other conditions outside earth, with no acceptable reasons of this – in fact it is contradictory. Adaption means adapting to other harsh conditions – specially when life on earth prevails in 1000 temps and under the ocean beds where no light reaches.

    Basically, Darwin puts forth a car-making manual and shouts Eureka! There is no car maker. Does not the reverse apply?