How Many Ways to Analyze the Word ‘God’? – Part 5

I have previously shown that using just four divine attributes (power, knowledge, freedom, goodness) that can occur in four different degrees (human, superhuman, perfect, eternally perfect), one can create more than 200,000 definitions of ‘divine person’.

That is not quite as impressive as the estimate of three million definitions that I made initially, based on some mistaken assumptions. However, it is very easy to get up into the millions of defintions. By adding just one more divine attribute, one that can occur in four different degrees (and ten ranges of degrees), the number of possible definitions of ‘divine person’ jumps up to well over five million.

I won’t go into all the details, but with five attributes, one needs to consider the number of definitions that could be generated under each of the following five cases:

I. All five attributes are relevant
II. Only four of the attributes are relevant
III. Only three of the attributes are relevant
IV. Only two of the attributes are relevant
V. Only one of the attributes is relevant.

The first case will obviously contain the largest number of definitions, so I calculated the number of definitions for that case:

A. Definitions composed of five necessary conditions: 100,000.
B. Definitions composed of five criterial conditions: 400,000.
C. Definitions composed of four criteria and one necessary condition: 1,500,000.
D. Definitions composed of three criteria and two necessary conditions: 2,000,000.
E. Definitions composed of two criteria and three necessary conditions: 1,000,000.
F. Definitions composed of one criterial condition and four necessary conditions: 0.

Total: 5,000,000 definitions of ‘divine person’ using five attributes that can occur in four degrees, in the case that all five attributes are considered to be relevant.

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