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OK, from last month, but I’ve been away for a while.

Geisler & Turek Rebuttal, Part 7: Chapter 8
Another Presuppositionalist Fails
What if you Saw a Miracle?
Great Critique of Presuppositional Apologetics by a Christian
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  • reboho

    So the children had to die for Momma to get right with God. Not seeing how this is a good thing.

  • LadyAtheist

    so momma still has no kids and no house, but jebus loves her?

    I wonder how this is going over in Joplin.

    For that matter, why aren't there more tornadoes in New York & San Francisco?

  • Belgian Atheist

    we know god's a dirty fighter, he can't take mommy head on, she's too frightening, the kids were easy targets.

  • nghtshd

    She's saved. Wonderful happy ending. Her kids are dead and burning in hell for eternity, but you've got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.