More nonsense from Turkey

Today’s my day for pointing out horrors from Turkey. (You know, the “secular,” “democratic” country whose moderate Islam US policymakers would like to see as an inspiration to other Muslims.)

I’ve just read about a Turkish cartoonist being prosecuted, with the state demanding one year’s imprisonment for “insulting the religious values accepted by the people” in a cartoon.

The speech balloon says “God, would it be okay if I skipped the last prayer? I have things to do. Thanks a lot, God! Good day…”

That’s not what got the cartoonist into trouble, however. It’s the writing on the mosque wall indicated by the red arrows: “There is no God. Religion is a lie.”

Standard-issue conservative Muslim intolerance of cartoons aside, Turkey has really become a bad place to publicly declare yourself an atheist. It was never very good for nonbelievers, but I think it has become noticeably worse.

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  • Leo

    Disgusting… The cartoonist have rights!

    This makes me think, what is the best country for an atheist to live, where he could freely declare himself an atheist without any problems ?

    I'm from Dominican Republic, here it isn't.

  • Dianelos Georgoudis

    Even if it is true that Turkey has lately become noticeably worse for antireligious free speech, the fact remains that overall Turkey is becoming a much better country because of Erdogan’s administration. I admire Erdogan and envy the Turkish people for having him. And he is a material proof that one can be a truly religious person and also a good and effective politician. Finally Erdogan is one of the very few politicians who actually speak their mind even in the international arena, and it is clear where he gets the moral strength to do so. I personally wish he will one day become the Secretary of the UN and have some real work done there.

    (Finally let’s not forget the fact that religious free speech is also suppressed in Turkey. So Erdogan himself served 6 months in jail in 1999 for having recited a religious poem.)

  • Steven Carr

    I haven't checked but I imagine the poem contained militaristic imagery.

    Even in Britain, where free speech rules, reciting a poem linking Muslims to soldiers would have you done for 'Islamophobia'