Announcing New Index of Our Debates

You’ll notice on the menu bar near the top of The Secular Outpost site a link to “Our Debates.” If you click on that link, you’ll see an index of our debates on God’s existence, God and morality, and Christianity. If available, we provide links to the relevant video, audio, transcript, summary, and assessment.

The “scope” of this page is limited only to our debates (e.g., debates sponsored by Internet Infidels, debates involving at least one debater affiliated with the Internet Infidels, etc.). This page is not intended to provide a comprehensive list of all theist/nontheist debates; we provide a link to Common Sense Atheism’s useful directory which does that.

"If you finish performing a song, does the song no longer exist? Musicians own copyrights ..."

Can Brains Think?
"Finally back at a PC where I am reading these comments on a full-sized monitor ..."

Does anything really matter?
"Perhaps you're right about the replacement question not being a good one.The objectivist and subjectivist ..."

Does anything really matter?
"It might work. But, assuming it is a good replacement, don't all of my claims ..."

Does anything really matter?
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