Question about the Templeton Foundation’s $3M Grant to Biola University

The blog Why Evolution is True commented on the Templeton Foundation’s decision to award a $3,030,000 grant to Biola University to setup a “Biola University Center for Christian Thought.”

Stereotypes about Christian institutions of higher learning aside, I received my undergraduate degree from a Christian university. I met a lot of bright students and professors there who certainly seemed to think deeply about the “big questions.” If asked, I would have described it, like many other Christian universities, as a “Center for Christian Thought.” Isn’t that, ahem, the whole point of a Christian university? If so, why does Biola need a “Center for Christian Thought”? I’m sure that Biola would say there was plenty of Christian thought at Biola before the creation of this center. So what, then, could it mean for Biola University to create a “Center for Christian Thought”?

Perhaps, once the Center is up and running, they could think about this.

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