LINK: Why Is There Anything At All? A Response To Stenger

“As someone with sympathies for the Argument from Contingency, and as a non-believer, I am constantly frustrated when I see atheists who should frankly know better completely miss the point of the argument and attack straw-men or simply re-define the word “nothing” so the problem goes away. Philosophers have been quite good at pointing out the mistakes of people like Lawrence Krauss. It is sad to see people like Krauss dismiss their critics out of hand, or worse, put them in the same category as theologians. …

“I’m glad Stenger took the time to respond. His response only reinforced my suspicions that these people really don’t grasp what the problem really is. They offer solutions to different problems that don’t at all address the metaphysical question at hand. At the very least, I’m glad some of these guys are paying attention to their critics. Maybe some day they’ll actually grasp the question.”


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