My New Political Blog

I try not to get involved in politics much, because it takes precious time away from thinking about issues in philosophy of religion and ethics, which are my favorite areas of thought (plus I have more educational background in those areas).

However, the Citizens United decision of the US Supreme Court is a frontal assault on democracy in the USA, so I feel compelled to get more involved in politics than I would otherwise personally prefer.  

I have therefore started a political blog to try to influence friends and family (and maybe a few people I don’t already know) to join in the struggle to Bring Democracy to the USA:

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  • Francois Tremblay

    Yea… they already tried democracy. It didn't work. Have fun wasting your time anyway.

  • Bradley Bowen

    I think we in the USA have made significant efforts to move in the direction of democracy, but I think we have a long ways to go, even if we manage to put Citizens United behind us.

    Mass media is dominated by billionaires and large corporations.

    Public education is only beginning to teach critical thinking, and Texas and other backwards states keep pushing patriotic history instead of allowing children to confront reality. Critical thinking about political issues is generally frowned on until college, when it is too late to do much good.

    The original purpose of public education in the USA was religious indoctrination, and we have not completely escaped from that past yet.

    Freedom of speech and freedom of the press has never been very free, at least not in times of war.

    So, we have been leaning towards democracy for quite some time, but the obstacles are many, and the progress is generally slow.