Migration to Disqus Complete

It appears the site’s migration to the Disqus commenting system is complete. What this means to you:

1. You now have the ability to edit a comment after posting it, a feature which is sorely lacking in Blogger’s built-in comment functionality.

2. Disqus provides a much more visually intuitive way of grouping comments with their replies, by displaying them in a nested tree hierarchy. Comments migrated from the old Blogger system will not be displayed in a hierarchy, but any new replies to comments  (posted using Disqus) will display the hierarchy.

3. You have the ability to “follow” other commenters, enabling you to see not only their comments on this site, but their comments on any Disqus-enabled site.

4. Comments can be formatted with a greater set of HTML tags than before. See here for help.

5. If you configured your RSS reader to subscribe to the old RSS feed for comments on The Secular Outpost, new comments will not appear on that subscription. If you wish to subscribe to comments for The Secular Outpost as a whole, you will need to subscribe using this address.

I hope you like the new comment system! Please let me know what you think.

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