Index: The Evidential Argument from Evil: the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure

The purpose of this post is to provide an index for all posts regarding Paul Draper’s version of the evidential argument from evil which focuses on the biological role of pain and pleasure (APP).

The Argument from the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure“: an introduction to the argument
Silver’s Defense of Draper’s Argument from the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure“: self-explanatory
Is Evil Evidence for God?“: I examine one specific attempt to use the “evil is evidence for God” objection and assess its effectiveness against APP

LINK: The Problem of Natural Inequality: A New Problem of Evil
Correction to "Are Atheism and Moral Realism Logically Incompatible?"
How Theists Can Avoid God-of-the-Gaps Arguments and Still Argue for God
LINK: The Problem of Animal Pain and Suffering
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