Interesting Reference to The Empty Tomb

Since the resurrection is the central event of Christian history, Plantinga at the very least should make the effort to weigh the evidence for and against this event. Swinburne believes the evidence is quite high that the biblical accounts of the resurrection are literally true; others who have investigated the matter sharply disagree.[35]
[35] See, for instance, Robert M. Price and Jeffrey J. Lowder eds., The Empty Tomb:
Jesus Beyond the Grave
(Buffalo, NY: Prometheus, 2005). Not only does Plantinga not wrestle with the cogent arguments against the reliability of the resurrection narratives presented in this work, I know of no New Testament scholars who have directly addressed the essays in this book, either. [boldface is mine]

Source: Johnson, John Joseph. “Alvin Plantinga’s restatement of Augustine’s freewill theodicy and its implications for his concept of” warranted” Christian belief.” PhD diss., 2009, 178. Available online at (requires free registration with Baylor)

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