John Post’s Book on Naturalism and Ethics

(redating post originally dated 4 December 2012)

I just discovered this book while linking to John Post’s home page in my last post.

From Nature to Norms: An Essay in the Metaphysics of Morals (BookSurge, 2008)

Book Description:

A meticulously scripted and thoughtfully considered monograph about the abyss between morality and biology, From Nature to Norm: An Essay in the Metaphysics of Morals proves as inventive as it is original. It combines the highest degree of originality with careful attention to potential objections, all in accord with Stravinsky’s rule: To enjoy to the full the conquests of daring, we must demand that it operate in a pitiless light. Author and philosopher John F. Post explains how what seems an impossibility often proves to be a failure of the imagination. With wit and candor, he urges his readers to recall Stravinsky’s rule and to ponder the relationships between the moral and biological dimensions of humankind. His is a dialogue to forge a path between the moral and the biological by way of forming a synthesis of these two crucial elements of human being.


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