Patheos is Great. The Ads Suck

I have greatly enjoyed posting and commenting on Patheos. The look is great and the organization of posts and comments is first-rate. However, I am finding the ads increasingly intrusive. It always irritates me when I am trying to read a page and the ad is jumping around trying to get my attention. I’ve gotten kind of used to that though. Lately, when I am trying to read a post or comment, an ad will briefly intrude into the reading space. Something about dairy products. A while ago when trying to compose a comment, highly distracting audio would start playing advertising some damn thing. Of course, there is no free lunch, and we have to put up with ads to have the services at Patheos. However, I think ads should not be so aggressive as to interfere with the use or enjoyment of this forum. Maybe it would help if I assure the advertisers that if they really irritate me, I will make a special point never to buy their products.

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  • Matt DeStefano

    Keith, I would suggest downloading the browser extension “Ad Block”. I use it for Chrome, and I don’t see any of the ads.

    • Keith Parsons

      Thanks, Matt! I have my pop-up blocker on, but I still get pop-ups anyway. I’m glad to hear this works.

      I recently got Michael Sandel’s What Money Can’t Buy, a most interesting book (plus it is loaded with lots of great examples to use in my ethics course). Sandel talks about the increasing commercialization and commodification of everything, really, almost everything. Increasingly, it is hard to find any space where you will not get a sales pitch. A few years ago I heard that some guy wanted to put a big, bright billboard in earth orbit. As an amateur astronomer, I would have volunteered to work with other astronomers to build a rocket to shoot it down.

      • Keith Parsons

        Another interesting point is that a lot of the ads seem to come from religious right sources. There is one showing right now as I write this showing a blissful bride and groom and asking “Do you support traditional marriage?” There is a button saying “Vote now!”

        I always wonder when I see this phrase, what, really, is a traditional marriage? Traditional for which cultures and which historical periods? It is still traditional in many cultures to have arranged marriages. Many of these are arranged when the bride and groom are very small children. Would this fit the definition of “traditional marriage” now being bandied by “cultural conservatives?” Are they OK with arranged marriages? Just curious.

        I am old enough to remember when it was traditional in American Protestant weddings for the bride to promise to obey her husband. Is that still considered a necessary requirement for “traditional marriage?” Some years back, the Southern Baptist Convention affirmed that the woman should accept her husband’s “servant leadership.” That is, the guy is the boss (under Jesus, of course). Is it still necessary that the bride promise to obey for the marriage to count as traditional?

        The Bible has all sorts of stipulations about marriage. For instance, Leviticus 18:19 and 20:18 make it very clear that a man must not have sexual relations with his wife during the time of her menstruation. Since this is clearly commanded in the Bible, could it count as a traditional marriage if a bride and groom do not commit to abstaining during that time?

        I’m afraid the whole idea of “traditional marriage” needs lots of clarification.

        • JohnH2


          The Leviticus injunction is always very interesting to bring up with Conservative Catholics in regards to NFP.

  • Keith Parsons

    Actually, it is kind of amusing to see the different kinds of ads. There is one for a book called “True Reasons” that seems to be for Christian apologists who want to refute atheist attacks on Christianity. There is one for Orion telescopes. There is one for an extended stay hotel, and one for meeting Filipino singles. So, is someone looking at this site supposed to be a Christian apologist stargazer who wants to meet attractive singles at an extended stay hotel?

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