Arrogant Atheists?

This is more than two months old, but I still think this is interesting.

What’s interesting to me is that, according to these survey results, there is a certain symmetry between, on the one hand, theistic stereotypes about atheists, and, on the other hand, atheistic stereotypes about theists.

 Dominant Theistic ViewDominant Atheistic View
Morality of “Other” SideAtheists are less moral than theistsAtheists are as or more moral than theists (99.5%)
  Religion is a force for bad in the world (87%)
Mental Health of “Other” SideAtheists are psychologically maladjustedTheists are less psychologically healthy than atheists (56%)
Stigmatization of “Their” Side Atheists are Unfairly Stigmatized (86%)

If these survey results are accurate, then it would appear that many atheists are the secular equivalent of fundamentalist Christians.

(HT: Keith Augustine)

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  • Angra Mainyu

    On the question of morality of the “other side”, the 99.5% reply that is reported is the reply that atheists are – on average? – more moral or as moral as theists, but does not say which one it is.

    I don’t understand why that would be an “staggering” percentage. I would find it surprising if anything but a very small percentage of atheists assented to the negation of that option, equivalently that it is not the case that atheists are as moral or more moral than theists, at least if they understand that to be an assertion as to what is generally, usually, normally, on average, etc., the case.

    Of course, it’s not the case that all atheists are more moral than all theists, and it’s not the case that all theists are more moral than all atheists (i.e., that for all x, y, if x is a theist and y is an atheist, x is more moral than y), but I don’t know how many people will understand the question in that fashion.

    If one takes a closer look, it’s true that over 55% responded that believers are somewhat less or much less moral than atheists – another unsurprising result. That does not discriminate between much less and somewhat less, though.