Trent Dougherty’s Review of Probability in the Philosophy of Religion

Excellent review of what appears to be a very interesting book.


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  • staircaseghost

    “Of course gaps in the fossil record are a problem for the theory (some gaps can be chalked up to being anomalies, see Dougherty and Pruss 2013, but not all of them, or so we may suppose). Gaps in the fossil record provide some reason to favor non-gradualist theories of evolution; they are also entailed by Creationism and so clearly favor it. Darwinian gradualists reject the alternative hypotheses for various reasons (mostly they are unfashionable)…”

    And yet, for some reason, people still complain that Philosophy of Religion is not treated with respect by unsophisticated atheists…

    • autolukos

      He tried so hard, and he managed decently until that parenthesis. I suppose it would be too much to expect PoR folks to respect the disciplinary divisions they love so much when they need to drive off the scientists.