Angra Mainyu Responds to WLC and Murray on Animal Pain

His response is spread over three posts. Here are the links.


Part 1

Part 2

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  • Ryan M

    Angra’s posts are always high quality. I wonder what his background is.

    • Jason Thibodeau

      He used to spend his time preparing for an epic battle with the forces of Ahura Mazda. I’m not sure how he got interested in philosophy.

      • Angra Mainyu

        The battle is over – he lost, clearly – so I had to think about something else to do with all the extra time. I thought I’d go up against Yahweh next since so many people were talking about him, but he rudely failed to exist, so I figured I’d just engage him figuratively.

    • Angra Mainyu


      My background is in preparing for an epic battle with the forces of Ahura Mazda ;) (also, some odd combination of some background in law and in math, apart from general internet posting).

  • Angra Mainyu

    Hey, Jeffery.

    Thank you for linking to my posts.