More Craziness

This guy is as bizarre as Ken Ham, but whereas Ham only runs a “museum,” this guy might go to Congress!

As Charles P. Pierce observes in Idiot America, there have always been crackpots, but it has never been so easy to be one as now. Characters who were previously relegated to corner soapboxes now get elected to Congress. The whole thing exerts a certain perverse fascination, like a gruesome traffic accident. Whenever you think that the bottom of nuttiness has been plumbed, someone goes even lower. This is not merely the strain of anti-intellectualism that has always been present in American politics and culture. This is something new and much worse–the positive exaltation of nuttiness. Not only is being a nut not a hindrance to public office, it is a positive qualification. Here in Texas, Republican primaries now are a matter of who can sound most convincingly bonkers.

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