My Posts for 2015

My Blog Posts for 2015

FAITH (17 posts)

Jesus on Faith (6 posts)

Leap of Faith & Lessing’s Ditch (2 posts)

What is Faith? (9 posts)


The Logic of the Resurrection (7 posts)

Jesus: True Prophet or False Prophet? (5 posts)

The Slaughter of the Canaanites – related to whether Jesus is a true prophet (15 posts)

In Defense of Dwindling Probability (4 posts)

WILLIAM LANE CRAIG (23 posts in 2015 + 1 from 2016)

Happy Easter Dr. Craig (1 post)

William Lane Craig: 36 Years of Equivocation – the Kalam Cosmological Argument (4 posts)

What is the Conclusion of the Kalam Cosmological Argument? (5 posts)

William Craig’s Response to My Objections on the Resurrection (13 posts in 2015 + 1 in 2016)

RICHARD SWINBURNE (7 posts in 2015 + 1 in 2014)

The Argument from Providence

The Argument from Religious Experience

OTHER TOPICS (14 posts in 2015 + 1 from 2016)

The Boy Who Did Not Come Back from Heaven
100 Key Psychological Studies Repeated
Farewell to Dr. Richard Paul
What is Atheism?
What is Philosophy?
How Many Ways to Analyze the Word ‘God’? (over 2 billion ways)
Ben Carson: Nutcase
Republican Candidates Kiss the Ring of Kevin Swanson at Kill-the-Gays Conference
Trump: Make America Hate Again

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