About Arnold Guminski

I received my BA (history and philosophy) from the University of Buffalo (1952), and my JD from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Law (1956). I was admitted to the California State Bar in 1957. After six years of active duty with the US Army, I was a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County for twenty-nine years. For twenty years I was assigned to the appellate division, and argued two cases before the United States Supreme Court.   Since my retirement in January 1993, I have resided in Boulder, Colorado with my wife, Annegret. I am an independent scholar, and several articles by me have appeared in peer-reviewed print and on-line journals: some available at Iinfidels.org/library/modern/arnold_guminski/ and independent.academia,edu/ArnoldGuminski. I have written two books: THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, PRIVILEGES, AND IMMUNITIES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE [subtitle omitted] (iUniverse, 2009); (and with Brian W. Harrison as co-author, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: DID VATICAN II CONTRADICT TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC DOCTRINE? A DEBATE (St. Augustine's Press, 2013. My wife and I very much like to travel at home and abroad. We love dancing: contra-, folk-, pollka-, ballroom-, swing- dancing.
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