About Arnold Guminski

I received my BA (history and philosophy) from the University of Buffalo (1952), and my JD from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Law (1956). I was admitted to the California State Bar in 1957. After six years of active duty with the US Army, I was a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County for twenty-nine years. For twenty years I was assigned to the appellate division, and argued two cases before the United States Supreme Court.
Since my retirement in January 1993, I have resided in Boulder, Colorado with my wife, Annegret. I am an independent scholar, and several articles by me have appeared in peer-reviewed print and on-line journals: some available at Iinfidels.org/library/modern/arnold_guminski/ and independent.academia,edu/ArnoldGuminski.
I have written two books: THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, PRIVILEGES, AND IMMUNITIES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE [subtitle omitted] (iUniverse, 2009); (and with Brian W. Harrison as co-author, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: DID VATICAN II CONTRADICT TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC DOCTRINE? A DEBATE (St. Augustine's Press, 2013.
My wife and I very much like to travel at home and abroad. We love dancing: contra-, folk-, pollka-, ballroom-, swing- dancing.

An Invitation to William Lane Craig

An Invitation to William Lane Craig             On May 23 and June 9, respectively, the Secular Web published revised versions of two of my three essays on the kalam cosmological argument that had previously been published on that website. Today, I have sent an e-mail letter to Dr. William Lane Craig requesting that he publicly respond to these essays for the reasons set forth in that letter. A copy of that letter appears below. The reader will please note that I informed Dr. Craig in my letter … [Read more...]

More Reflections on Gay Marriage as a Possible Constitutional Right

1. My first two posts on same-sex marriage (12-10 and 12-18-2012)[i] were intended to  show that for the time being it is very unlikely that the Supreme Court will hold that there is some broad fundamental liberty-right to marry; i.e., one which includes as a component the right to marry a person of either gender, and as such is embodied by the due process clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.[ii]  My reason for this conclusion is that the hypothetical fundamental liberty-right in qu … [Read more...]

Why Strong Pro-Gay Marriage Supporters Should Still Be Worried; Or, It’s A Long Way To Tipperary

     In my initial post on same-sex marriage (“One Reason Why Strong Pro-Gay Marriage Supporters Should Be Worried” (12-10-2012) I claimed that the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas, 539 US. 558 (2003) heavily relied upon (perhaps I should have just said “gave much weight to”) the decisions of the European Court on Human Rights (ECHR) with respect to consensual homosexual conduct. The point that I wanted to make was that, given that this claim was true, the Court should also heavily rely upon (i … [Read more...]

One Reason Why Strong Pro-Gay Marriage Supporters Should Be Worried

Whether the United States and the States should authorize same-sex marriage, in my opinion, should remain a matter of federal legislative public policy, and of state constitutional law and/or legislative public policy. Therefore, I strongly oppose the thesis that the United States and/or the states as a matter of federal constitutional law are obliged to authorize same-sex marriages or their functional equivalents. I also oppose the repeal of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) by Congress, or its … [Read more...]

A Brief Comment on Mark Nowacki’s Recent Book on the KCA

When I learned in November 2006 that Prometheus Press would soon publish The Kalam Cosmological Argument for God [TKCAG] by Mark R. Nowacki, I immediately placed an order with Amazon Books. I was therefore very pleased to have finally received my copy in the first week of August of this year despite several unexplained deferments of the publication date. I had been looking forward to reading TKCAG because of my own keen interest in the KCA, as is evidenced by my article on that subject (“The K … [Read more...]

A Metaphysical Naturalist Manifesto

Keith Parsons, in his inaugural blog, declares that he is “new to this whole blogging thing, but [he] thought [he] would start off with a big post”—and thus provided us with his “Atheist Manifesto.” He expressed the desire “to hear what some of you think, and maybe get some others to submit their own manifestoes.” Well, what follows is my manifesto since I too am new to this whole blogging thing and thought I should also start off with a big post.By metaphysical naturalist I mean someone who hold … [Read more...]