Jehovah is a Sexist – Part 5

Todd Akin and Paul Ryan are sexist pigs who show a complete lack of fairness and compassion towards women.  They represent well the sexist conservative Christians who are now driving the Republican party.  The sexist views that they have tried to turn into federal laws have a long history, a history that can be traced back to the Old Testament, and to Jehovah, the god who supposedly inspired the Old Testament.If you are interested in the question 'Is Jehovah a sexist?', then I strongly … [Read more...]

Jehovah is a Sexist – Part 4

In previous posts on this topic here at the Secular Outpost I have not attempted to build a case for the claim made in the title.  Instead, I have discussed the meaning and implications (i.e. Jesus is a false prophet and Christianity is a false religion) of the claim.  However, on my own blog I have written a few moderately long posts in defense of the claim that 'Jehovah is a … [Read more...]

Jehovah is a Sexist – Part 3

What is sexism?  What is a sexist?  These questions have been around for quite some time now, so there are, no doubt, some well-thought-out answers to these questions.  But before I consult experts on conceptual issues, I like to do a bit of thinking for myself.The first thing that occurs to me is that sexism is similar to racism, and that both phenomena occur in different kinds and various degrees.  I'm going to think out loud about racism for a bit, and then see whether my … [Read more...]

Jehovah is a Sexist – Part 2

For those who want a syllogistic summary argument, here you go:I. If Jehovah is a sexist, then Jehovah is a false god and Judaism is a false religion.II. If Jehovah is a false god and Judaism is a false religion, then Christianity is a false religion.Therefore:III. If Jehovah is a sexist, then Christianity is a false religion.This doesn't completely do the trick, however, because there is still the question of whether Jehovah is a sexist.  I suppose one could summarize the full argument … [Read more...]

Jehovah is a Sexist

This is not a very philosophically sophisticated argument, but it is one that helped me to escape from the idiocy of Christianity:1. Jehovah is a sexist (if Jehovah exists).Therefore,2. Christianity is a false religion.This is, of course, a very condensed summary of an argument, and requires a bit of filling out to reveal the logic of my reasoning, and various assumptions required to get from (1) to (2).First, let's work from the beginning and head a ways towards the end:1. Jehovah is a sexist … [Read more...]

My New Political Blog

I try not to get involved in politics much, because it takes precious time away from thinking about issues in philosophy of religion and ethics, which are my favorite areas of thought (plus I have more educational background in those areas).However, the Citizens United decision of the US Supreme Court is a frontal assault on democracy in the USA, so I feel compelled to get more involved in politics than I would otherwise personally prefer.  I have therefore started a political blog to try … [Read more...]

Argument Against the Resurrection of Jesus – Part 24

In Joseph "Rick" Reinckens's webpage A Lawyer Examines the Swoon Theory we get a short snippet from Origen that allegedly confirms a Roman practice of stabbing victims of crucifixion with a spear: In his Commentary on Matthew, Origen, one of the early Church Fathers, says the lance thrust to Jesus was administered "according to Roman custom, below the armpit."  (See Humber, Thomas.  The Sacred Shroud. New York, Pocket Books, 1977) In my last post on this … [Read more...]

A Key Assumption of TASO

In Chapter 8 of The Existence of God, 2nd edition (hereafter: EOG), Richard Swinburne defends two teleological arguments for the existence of God.  The second argument he calls the Teleological Argument from Spatial Order (TASO):1. The laws and boundary conditions of the universe are such as to make probable the evolution of human bodies.Therefore:2. God exists.Swinburne argues that (1) provides relevant evidence in support of (2), significantly increasing the probability that (2) … [Read more...]