About Eddie Tabash

I am a constitutional lawyer. I have authored Supreme Court briefs dealing with the separation of church and state. I also represent the atheist point of view in formal debates against theists.

Time Out for Some Laughs

While defeating the forces of religious dogma is no laughing matter, a lot of fun can be had with religious traditions.  As the son of an orthodox rabbi, I grew up with some very funny incidents.  For those of you with a Jewish background, or those of you who just have a good sense of humor when it comes to skits about religious traditions, here is a very funny short video. http://screen.yahoo.com/rabbi-burger-30061110.html?pb_list=f98d7405-694c-44f4-99c7-e6d7f1032375 … [Read more...]

Whatever The Motive, Human Ego Can Be An Understandable Component Of The Apologist’s Public Outreach

Among nonbelievers on the Internet, there has recently been some discussion about whether the more prominent public speakers and debaters for fundamentalist religious beliefs are honestly self deluded or are intentionally misrepresenting what they claim to be the truth about reality. I am in no position to definitively assess, one way or another, which of these possibilities is the case with each individual proselytizer. However, whether it is an honest but mistaken belief that these … [Read more...]