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“The Argument from Reason”

(Redating post originally published on 8 December 2011)A couple of comments on Reppert "The Argument from Reason" in Craig and Moreland (ed.) Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology, 344-90. (I have a long list; I may post further comments later.)1. At 368, Reppert argues: If the reference of our terms is indeterminate, then this has the disastrous consequence that we cannot reason to conclusions.This is surely wrong. Reasoning can be purely formal. (If all flombs are bloops, and all … [Read more...]

Further Comments on http://subversivethinking.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/reply-to-professor-graham-oppys.htmlI shall restrict myself to one small comment on what is a very long post that covers a great deal of ground very quickly.In my previous post, I wrote this: "Question: Is there a first cause in causal reality? If so, then, causal reality begins with that first cause. Moreover, it might seem right to say that causal reality begins to exist with that first cause. (Of course, … [Read more...]


Part of a response to: http://subversivethinking.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/graham-oppy-on-successful-arguments.html  The argument we have been given -- the kalam cosmological syllogism -- is this:1-Whatever begins to exist has a cause (of its beginning to exist) 2-The universe began to exist 3-Therefore, the universe has a cause (of its beginning to exist) Two immediate questions to ask when we come to assess it: (a) What lies in the scope of the quantifier in (1)? (b) What exactly do … [Read more...]


Distrust & Anti-Atheist Prejudice

Interesting new paper from Gervais, Shariff and Norenzayan:http://www2.psych.ubc.ca/~will/Gervais%20et%20al-%20Atheist%20Distrust.pdfThe experiments performed by Gervais et al. provide pretty convincing support for the thesis that anti-atheist prejudice manifests as distrust (rather than dislike, or disgust), and that it surfaces most strongly when the need for trust -- as opposed to say, likeability, or pleasantness -- is particularly salient. So, for example, prejudiced religious believers are … [Read more...]

Radio Think Atheist

Here is a link to a recent radio recording:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thinkatheist/2011/11/14/episode-34-dr-graham-oppy-nov-13-2011It may be of interest to some people who read this blog. … [Read more...]