New Mosque opens in Dogpatch

I see that after much opposition, including vandalism and arson--committed by "good Christians" I'm sure--a new mosque has finally opened in Dogpatch, er, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The article notes that the ambient idiots did hire some lawyers (I guess they paid them with chickens and jugs of moonshine). The lawyers argued that Islam is not a "real" religion, and so does not deserve Constitutional … [Read more...]

Fundamentalist Kidnapping Scheme about an underground railroad to remove innocent children from the homes of fundamentalist morons? … [Read more...]

Tax Atheists!, if it comes to that, atheists should go to church! They should go to the local fundamentalist barn and sit on the front row in gym shorts and T-shirts. The T-shirt will read: "I won't teach evolution in your church if you don't teach creation in my school." Or maybe: "Jesus, protect me from your followers." They should laugh very loudly and scornfully at every stupid thing that is said, snicker … [Read more...]

“God Particle” Discovery Means Woes for Atheists?

Check this out: According to some Tweeters, the recent (probable) discovery of the Higgs Boson (unfortunately tagged "The God Particle" by physicist Leon Lederman) has some people once again writing obituaries for atheism. Of course, it seems unlikely that these particular individuals have advanced degrees in physics, philosophy, or theology, so their pronouncements should be given the weight of something lighter than a Higgs Boson. Still, the response should … [Read more...]

How to Think or What to Think?

John Loftus raises an issue that I would like to address:Should professors teach students how to think or what to think? John gives a link to an article by philosopher Peter Boghossian: challenges what John calls the “received” view of pedagogy. The received view can be summed up by the slogan that the instructor’s job is to t … [Read more...]

Should We Love Bashar al-Assad?

Recently, Victor Reppert and I have been having one of our occasional slugfests, er, polite discussions. Actually, our exchanges are quite polite compared to the flaming displays of “Internet courage” all too often seen in this medium. Anyway, the point at issue concerns the claim by Christians to be able to love the sinner while hating the sin. For instance, when accused of homophobia, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell replied that, while he loathed the sin of homosexuality, he loved and sought the … [Read more...]

The Unending Story

This was in the Manchester Guardian last February: Like movie monsters who keep getting killed but keep coming back for more (and more tedious) sequels, anti-science activism keeps rising from the crypt. No surprise here. This is truly the unending story. What does surprise me a bit is that it apparently took so long for the two main forces of anti-science animus--evolution denial and climate … [Read more...]


Check this out: Typical. Whenever an extremist is called out for making violent and hateful remarks, the response is always the same: "Just kidding. Hah hah. I was only using hyperbole to make a point." OK, well, I guess sauce for the goose... I think a 320 pound, heavily tattooed, leather-clad gay biker should collar Rev. Harris, beat his bigoted butt with a baseball bat, … [Read more...]