Chris Hallquist vs. William Lane Craig on Dishonesty: Part 1

Christopher Hallquist recently finished a series of blog posts about William Lane Craig. In addition to providing objections to Craig's various arguments, Hallquist also accuses Craig of dishonesty in his work. In this post, I want to review Hallquist's evidence for that accusation and figure out if the accusation is justified.Here is an outline of my basic plan.Review the definitions of honest, honesty, dishonesty, misrepresent, lie.Summarize Hallquist's allegations of dishonesty.Assess … [Read more...]

Two Old Posts about the Sensus Divinitatis

"Theism and the Genetic Fallacy, Part II" by Keith ParsonsParsons turns the tables on Alvin Plantinga and argues that the non-existence of a sensus divinitatis is evidence for the non-existence of God. "An Empirical Test of the Existence of Sensus Divintatus in Atheists" by Jim LippardIf there is really an innate universal belief in God--or a natural direct perception of God, a sensus divinitatis, a mental faculty that allows direct basic knowledge of God's existence--it seems to me that we … [Read more...]

Definition of Friendly Atheist

This is a quick post about the definition of "friendly atheist."Purdue University Emeritus Professor of Philosophy William Rowe famously coined the terms, "friendly atheist," "indifferent atheist," and "unfriendly atheist."[1] What did he mean by these terms?unfriendly atheist: an atheist who believes no one is justified in believing that the theistic God existsindifferent atheist: an atheist who holds no belief concerning whether any theist is or is not rationally justified in believing that … [Read more...]

ex-apologist: Schellenberg’s New Paper on the Logical Problem of Evil

ex-apologist: Schellenberg's New Paper on the Logical Problem of Evil:Schellenberg, J.L.  "A New Logical Problem of Evil", in McBrayer, Justin & Daniel Howard-Snyder (eds.), Companion to the Problem of Evil (Blackwell, forthcoming). … [Read more...]

Christian Morality in Action?

According to FOX News, "Supporters Vow to Keep California Veterans Tribute Despite Court Ruling." … [Read more...]

Arizona Atheist “Infiltrates” the Christian Cadre Yahoo Group

An old post from 2009 I just discovered.LINK … [Read more...]

Wintery Knight’s Secular Case Against Same-Sex Marriage

WinteryKnight has developed what he calls a "secular case against same-sex marriage." This post is addressed to the nontheists in the audience: do you think his case works? More importantly, why or why not? … [Read more...]

LINK: Aikin and Talisse’s Atheistic Argument from Ugliness

LINK (HT: Ex-Apologist)Since the authors note that the argument from beauty is one type of teleological argument and the argument from ugliness is the atheistic twin of the argument from beauty, perhaps I will need write a post on this argument for my series about atheistic teleological arguments. … [Read more...]