The Argument from the Flourishing and Languishing of Sentient Beings (AFL)

This post was inspired by the writings of Paul Draper. If you like the argument, the credit should go to Draper. Any problems with the formulation below, however, are probably due to an error on my part. Informal Statement of the ArgumentOnly a fraction of living things, including the majority of sentient beings, thrive. In other words, very few living things have an adequate supply of food and water, are able to reproduce, avoid predators, and remain healthy. An even smaller fraction of … [Read more...]

WOTM: What a Friend We Have in Joshie

This is a brilliant video clip exposing the absurdity and immorality of condemning people to eternal punishment solely based on nonbelief. (HT: PZ Myers) … [Read more...]

How Not to Debate ‘the’ Moral Argument: Reply to PZ Meyers

In a recent post, PZ Myers complains that a couple of atheists botched their response to 'the' moral argument for God's existence.[1] He writes:There is a common line of attack Christians use in debates with atheists, and I genuinely detest it. It’s to ask the question, “where do your morals come from?” I detest it because it is not a sincere question at all — they don’t care about your answer, they’re just trying to get you to say that you do not accept the authority of a deity, so that the … [Read more...]

20+ Questions for Theists

(This post was last edited on 21-Jun-12, by reorganizing the list into a more logical sequence. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience this may cause to people who have posted comments or their own articles discussing these.)As a follow-up to my last post, I compiled a list of my own questions for theists. I'm sure readers will have many of their own to add.The question "Why is there something rather than nothing" presupposes "nothing" as being  the normal state of affairs. Why … [Read more...]

LINK: The Problem with Everlasting Punishment

LINK … [Read more...]

Gay Marriage on a U.S. Military Base and the Religious Right’s Hypocrisy

Apparently there was a wedding ceremony for two lesbians in the base chapel at Fort Polk in Louisiana, conducted by one of the base chaplains.Not surprisingly, the Radical Religious Right (RRR) is outraged. Here are some of the quotations from the Fox News site:“The liberal social experiment with our military continues,” Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) told Fox News Radio. “A same-sex marriage-like ceremony should not have occurred at Fort Polk, especially since the people of Louisiana have made it a … [Read more...]

20 Loaded Questions

Peter Saunders has compiled a list of 20 questions for atheists. "He says he did not post these claiming atheists do not have an answer to these questions, but that there have not been any decent responses to them in the past 40yrs" (italics mine). It's one thing to say the responses were not persuasive; it's another thing to say that none of the answers are decent. Based on this description, Saunders sounds like a highly partisan apologist, not someone worth trying to convince.On the other … [Read more...]

Where is the Outcry from Theists Against the BSA’s Reason for Its Policy of Discrimination against Nontheists?

I want to begin by clarifying that I am not raising a constitutional or legal question at all. Let's assume that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have the constitutional right to associate or not associate with whoever they wish.I'm coming at this from a very different angle. Again, I'm stipulating that the BSA has the legal right to exclude atheists and agnostics from membership. But what if their reason for choosing to exercise that right is flawed? Let's conduct a thought experiment. … [Read more...]