1. “Goodbye to All That”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/09/goodbye-to-all-that.html2. “Joylessness or Family Values?”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/08/joylessness-or-family-values.html3. “Easter Week: What Really Happened?”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/12/easter-week-what-really-happened.html4. “High Weirdness by H-Net”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/05/high-weirdness-by-h-net.html5. “Conservatism in Philosophy”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/08/conservatism-in-philosophy.html6. “New Age Bullshit”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/01/new-age-bullshit.html7. “Extraordinary Claims and Extraordinary Evidence”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/12/extraordinary-claims-and-extraordinary.html8. “The ‘Hard Problem,’ Physicalism, and Theism”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/09/hard-problem-physicalism-and-theism.html9. “Post-Secularism?”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/07/post-secularism.html10. “Robin Collins on the Fine-Tuning Argument”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2010/05/robin-collins-on-fine-tuning-argument.html Read more

A key claim made by Christian apologists who defend the resurrection goes like this: (JAW) Jesus of Nazareth was alive and walking around unassisted on the first Easter Sunday. We are considering the implications of the following supposition: 4. (JAW) is false.On this supposition, there are three logical possibilities: A. Jesus was not alive on the first Easter Sunday. B. Jesus was alive on the first Easter Sunday but did not walk at all that day. C. Jesus was alive… Read more

Consider the following claim:(JAW) Jesus of Nazareth was alive and walking around unassisted on the first Easter Sunday.There are two logical possibilities concerning (JAW):3. Either (JAW) is true or it is not true.Of the two possibilities mentioned in (3), let’s first consider the one that appears to favor skepticism about the resurrection:2. (JAW) is not true.If we suppose (2) to be correct, does that in fact favor or support a skeptical view of the resurrection of Jesus?One possibility is that… Read more

1. “Atheist Atrocities?”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/02/atheist-atrocities.html2. “The Constitutional Rights, Privileges, and Immunities of the American People”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/05/constitutional-rights-privileges-and.html3. “Stupid Philosopher Tricks”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/01/stupid-philosopher-tricks.html4. “Is It Possible to be a Muslim Atheist?”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/03/is-it-possible-to-be-muslim-atheist.html5. “Russell vs. Copleston on the Moral Argument”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/02/russell-vs-copleston-on-moral-argument.html6. “Theism and the Genetic Fallacy”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/01/theism-and-genetic-fallacy.html7. “Atheism and the Meaning of Life”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/01/atheism-and-meaning-of-life.html8. “A Disproof of God”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/05/disproof-of-god.html9. “The Logic of the Trilemma”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/04/logic-of-trilemma.html10. “Are Climate-Change Deniers as Bad as Creationists?”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2009/07/are-climate-change-deniers-as-bad-as.html Read more

Like my list of “Best Atheist Debaters,” I don’t know of any way to be fully objective about this sort of thing. Also, like the other list, I fully recognize that others may disagree. Nevertheless, for what it’s worth, here is my list of worst atheist debaters, organized by topic.Topic: God’s ExistenceFlew, Antony (technically he doesn’t belong on a list of atheists)Nielsen, KaiStein, GordonZindler, FrankTopic: Morality Without GodKurtz, Paul (for an example, see here)Taylor, RichardTopic: Resurrection of JesusFlew, AntonyNote: as… Read more

I think the best way to make a case for my skeptical view of the resurrection, is to develop a dilemma, following the lead of the great Enlightenment skeptic David Hume.The main question at issue is: Did God raise Jesus from the dead? But at the crux of my skeptical argument will be the following claim:(JAW) Jesus of Nazareth was alive and walking around unassisted on the first Easter Sunday.By ‘the first Easter Sunday’ I mean the Sunday immediately following… Read more

1. “Pew Forum Survey on American Religion”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/02/pew-forum-survey-on-american-religion.html2. “Christianity (warning: may be offensive to Christians)”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/11/christianity-warning-may-be-offensive.html3. “Superlatively Silly Super-Sensitive Secularists”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/03/superlatively-silly-super-sensitive.html4. “Christian Student Deflates Atheist Professor”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/06/christian-student-deflates-atheist.html5. “A Guide to Christian Cliches and Phrases”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/06/guide-to-christian-cliches-and-phrases.html6. “Top-Down Causation”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/12/top-down-causation.html7. “A Hindu Honor Killing”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/05/hindu-honor-killing.html8 (tie). “Expelled Exposed”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/04/expelled-exposed.html8 (tie). “Idiot Loser Crap Apologist Takes on John Beversluis”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/07/idiot-loser-crap-apologist-takes-on.html10. “Faith and Reason”http://secularoutpost.infidels.org/2008/08/faith-and-reason.html Read more

This is not new, but it was news to me. Apparently, Wikipedia has a very short article about the Internet Infidels: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Infidels Read more

Interesting new paper from Gervais, Shariff and Norenzayan:http://www2.psych.ubc.ca/~will/Gervais%20et%20al-%20Atheist%20Distrust.pdfThe experiments performed by Gervais et al. provide pretty convincing support for the thesis that anti-atheist prejudice manifests as distrust (rather than dislike, or disgust), and that it surfaces most strongly when the need for trust — as opposed to say, likeability, or pleasantness — is particularly salient. So, for example, prejudiced religious believers are inclined to suppose that, while it is fine for atheists to be waiters, it’s not fine for them… Read more

LINKThe review also includes a critical assessment of the Courtier’s Reply. Read more

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