Reppert on Harris on Killing People for What They Believe

On his Dangerous Idea blog, Victor Reppert takes Sam Harris to task for his statement that "“Some beliefs are so dangerous that it may be ethical to kill people for believing them."I haven't read Harris's book. With that said, based solely on the quotation provided by Reppert, I find Harris's (apparent?) statement appalling. If it's true, Harris had better hope his opponents don't adopt his ethical principle and then decide his beliefs are "too dangerous." LINK … [Read more...]

LINK: Confessions of an Ex-Moralist

The New York Times recently published an essay by philosopher Joel Marks, entitled, "Confessions of an Ex-Moralist," in which he describes his decision to eliminate "all moral concepts and language from [his] thinking, feeling and actions." If you haven't already seen this, it's an enjoyable read.LINK … [Read more...]

Alexander Pruss’s Simple Argument against Divine Command Theories

Here is Pruss's argument:1.Even if God didn't forbid it, torturing the innocent would be wrong. 2.(Premise) Necessarily, torturing the innocent is wrong. 3.(Premise) Possibly, God does not forbid torturing the innocent.4.(Premise) If divine command theory is true, then it is the case that: necessarily, something is wrong if and only if it is forbidden by God. 5.Therefore, divine command theory is not true.LINK … [Read more...]

LINK: The Mildest Anti-God Billboard You’ll Ever See

LINK … [Read more...]

LINK: Physicist David Deutsch: Immaterial Explanations Aren’t Necessarily False

Amy Hall at Stand to Reason summarizes a video interview with Oxford physicist and atheist David Deutsch. I haven't seen the video, but her summary sure makes it sound interesting.LINK … [Read more...]

LINK: Michael Ruse: Little Value in New Harris Book

"Poor scholarship, ad hominem attacks and an obsession with religion are not the hallmarks of a solid argument."LINK … [Read more...]

Mandating coverage is not requiring use

Proposed regulations in the Affordable Care Act would provide preventive services for women that Catholic doctrine considers sinful. I am not surprised that John Garvey, President of Catholic University, doesn’t approve. But I thought I was reading George Orwell’s novel 1984 when he said: “In objecting to these regulations, our university does not seek to impose its moral views on others. All we ask is respect for the religious beliefs we try to impart to our students.” Huh? Has the Catholic Chu … [Read more...]

Resistance to evidence

Last weekend I presented at a local conference, with faculty members from various departments across campus talking about their work. Since I have been working on a paper (with Maarten Boudry) having to do with the limits of physics and how we might find a signature of a supernatural cause in data, I talked about that—nice interdisciplinary topic and all that.Among the responses I got, a couple were interesting in their resistance to the notion of any empirical test of a supernatural claim. I've … [Read more...]