LINK: Joel Marks on Atheism, Amorality, and Animals

Philosopher Joel Marks, of "Confessions of an Ex-Moralist" Fame, recently wrote another essay for the New York Times on his amoralism and concern for the treatment of animals.LINK … [Read more...]

LINK: Philip Kitcher on Militant Modern Atheism

From the abstract:Militant modern atheism, whose most eloquent champion is Richard Dawkins, provides an effective and necessary critique of fundamentalist forms of religion and their role in political life, both within states and across national boundaries. Because it is also presented as a more general attack on religion (tout court), it has provoked a severe reaction from scholars who regard its conception of religion as shallow and narrow. My aim is to examine this debate, identifying … [Read more...]

LINK: Rosalind Carey’s Review of Michael Martin’s ATHEISM, MORALITY, AND MEANING

LINKRelated articles: here, here, here, and here … [Read more...]

LINK: William Rowe’s Latest on Friendly Atheism

Abstract:This paper endeavors to explain what friendly atheism is and why it is reasonable to seek to be friendly toward those whose views about God differ substantially from one’s own.Unfortunately, online access to this requires a paid subscription.LINK … [Read more...]

LINK: Silver’s Defense of Draper’s Argument from the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure

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Wanchick’s Reply to Baggini’s Atheism: A Very Short Introduction

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Biological Evolution as Evidence against Theism

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The Argument from the Biological Role of Pain and Pleasure

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