Reblog: It’s Almost as if Your Happiness Does Not Take Mine Away

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Gervais: Finding the Faithless: Perceived Atheist Prevalence Reduces Anti-Atheist Prejudice

Abstract:Although prejudice is typically positively related to relative outgroup size, four studies found converging evidence that perceived atheist prevalence reduces anti-atheist prejudice. Study 1 demonstrated that anti-atheist prejudice among religious believers is reduced in countries in which atheists are especially prevalent. Study 2 demonstrated that perceived atheist prevalence is negatively associated with anti-atheist prejudice. Study 3 demonstrated a causal relationship: Reminders of … [Read more...]

Gervais and Norenzayan: Reminders of Secular Authority Reduce Believers’ Distrust of Atheists

Abstract:Atheists have long been distrusted, in part because they do not believe that a watchful, judging god monitors their behavior. However, in many parts of the world, secular institutions such as police, judges, and courts are also potent sources of social monitoring that encourage prosocial behavior. Reminders of such secular authority could therefore reduce believers’ distrust of atheists. In our experiments, participants who watched a video about police effectiveness (Experiment 1) or w … [Read more...]

LINK: Quodlibeta on Multiversial Musings

A well-written summary of leading objections to the multiverse as an objection to various versions of cosmological and teleological arguments.LINK … [Read more...]

John Danaher on Corvino on the Definitional Objection to Same-sex Marriage (Part One)

John Danaher at Philosophical Disquisitions summarizes some interesting portions of Oxford University Press's book, Debating Same-Sex Marriage. LINK … [Read more...]

Should We Love Bashar al-Assad?

Recently, Victor Reppert and I have been having one of our occasional slugfests, er, polite discussions. Actually, our exchanges are quite polite compared to the flaming displays of “Internet courage” all too often seen in this medium. Anyway, the point at issue concerns the claim by Christians to be able to love the sinner while hating the sin. For instance, when accused of homophobia, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell replied that, while he loathed the sin of homosexuality, he loved and sought the … [Read more...]

Argument from Self-Centeredness and Limited Altruism of Human Beings

This post was inspired by the writings of Paul Draper. If you like the argument, the credit should go to Draper. Any problems with the formulation below, however, are probably due to an error on my part. Informal Statement of the ArgumentHumans are effectively self-centered; our tendency to behave in self-centered ways is usually much stronger than any tendency to behave in selfless ways. These selfless or altruistic behaviors can be divided into two types: kin altruismand non-kin altruism. On … [Read more...]

The BSA and Nontheists: A Reply to Steve Hays

After reading my post about the BSA's policy of discriminating against atheists, Steve Hays is not convinced. While at one point he recognizes that I am criticizing "the opposing position internally, on its own terms," at several other points he seems to forget that, e.g., his tu quoque claim that atheists don't generally defend the civil liberties of theists, his question about how atheists can justify moral realism, etc. As interesting as those issues are, however, they are irrelevant to … [Read more...]