A Scientific Question? Part 8

There are four different possible kinds of questions, in relation to the categories of "scientific questions" and "historical questions" (prior to doing an analysis of these concepts):X.S.....H1. T.....T2. T.....F3. F.....T4. F.....F(1) both scientific and historical(2) scientific but not historical(3) not scientific but historical(4) not scientific and not historicalI am going to make a few plausible assumptions about what sorts of questions exist:(a) There are some scientific questions.(b) … [Read more...]

New Chick Tract

Jack Chick for kids. (Though it's hard to believe any of his other tracts are for adults.)Weirdly self-referential. … [Read more...]

Goodbye to All That

Over the past ten years I have published, in one venue or another, about twenty things on the philosophy of religion. I have a book on the subject, God and Burden of Proof, and another criticizing Christian apologetics, Why I am not a Christian. During my academic career I have debated William Lane Craig twice and creationists twice. I have written one master’s thesis and one doctoral dissertation in the philosophy of religion, and I have taught courses on the subject numerous times. But no m … [Read more...]

“Future of Humanism” on patheos.com

Patheos is running a series on the future of religion, and this week they feature contributions about the Future of Humanism and nonbelief.I've got a short essay, as well as Ed Buckner, Chris Highland, Hemant Mehta, Ronald Lindsay, David Silverman, and Roy Speckhardt.In keeping with the demographics of nonbelief, all of the contributors are male, naturally. I'm the most pessimistic of the lot. (That was predictable.) … [Read more...]

A Scientific Question? Part 7

Some thoughts on the relationship between "scientific questions" and "historical questions"...Is the question “Was Bradley Bowen born on a Wednesday?” a scientific question? Could the answer to this question be discovered and confirmed (in principle if not in practice) purely by the use of scientific methods? I believe the answer to this question is “No”, but because of the qualification “in principle” it is difficult to be certain. If the answer to this question is “Yes”, then we have found … [Read more...]

Idiot America

John Loftus has published my review of Charles P. Pierce's Idiot America on Debunking Christianity: http://debunkingchristianity.blogspot.com/It has quite a bit of political comment, rather more than I judged would be appropriate here. I think this is an important book and a very enjoyable one. Pierce pulls no punches and I don't either. Sometimes it is fun to write with the poisoned pen when your target really deserves it, and I think the proponents of militant idiocy deserve all the abuse … [Read more...]

SEP: Baron d’Holbach

Michael LeBuffe has just revised his Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on Paul-Henri Thiry (Baron) d'Holbach. The article focuses on Holbach's positive metaphysics and ethics, rather than his arguments for atheism, which LeBuffe dismisses as neither "original" nor "especially well presented." … [Read more...]

“I can draw Mohammed if you can build a mosque”

From the New York Daily News, about the protests concerning the (non)Ground Zero (non)Mosque:Later a scuffle broke out at the site of the pro-mosque protest a when a mosque opponent held up a sign that read, "I can draw Mohammed if you can build a mosque."That seems very reasonable to me. But since this person was protesting the mosque, I presume they want to stop both the mosque and any Muhammad cartoons, perhaps in a spirit of mutual respect.Sigh. … [Read more...]