The Sentence “God exists” Part 2

This is the Logical Positivist skeptical argument, as understood by Richard Swinburne:(1) If the sentence "God exists" expresses a coherent statement, then the sentence "God exists" expresses either an analytic proposition or else it expresses a synthetic proposition.(2) The sentence "God exists" does not express an analytic proposition.(3) The sentence "God exists" does not express a synthetic proposition.Therefore,(4) It is not the case that "God exists" expresses a coherent statement.The key … [Read more...]

Jesus: Struck by Lightning

The insurance company is bound to claim this was an act of God. … [Read more...]

The Sentence “God Exists” Part 1

In The Coherence of Theism (original:1977, revised ed.:1993), Richard Swinburne argues that the sentence “God exists” is a meaningful indicative sentence that expresses a coherent proposition. He does this by raising objections to arguments that have been given against this view, and by also making a detailed positive case. For the negative or defensive case, Swinburne starts out by raising objections to some general arguments against this view, and later in the book he raises objections to mor … [Read more...]

Why Defend Atheism?

The main reason I think that atheism is worth defending stems from my conviction that truth and rational belief are very important goods that are worth defending. In fact, they are both intrinsically and instrumentally valuable goods; ones that people in general have a fundamental drive to assert and defend. Whether this drive amounts to a personal preference or an epistemic duty, either provides a good reason to defend truth and rational belief.- Ryan Stringer (from The Value of Atheism on The … [Read more...]

Martin Gardner 1914–2010

Martin Gardner died at age 95 on Saturday, May 22nd."This past weekend the world darkened with the loss of one of its brightest lights: Martin Gardner, polymath extraordinaire, founding father of the modern skeptical movement, and a friend. R.I.P. Martin." - Michael ShermerInterview of Martin Gardner by Michael Shermer: Times Obituary:;=Martin%20Gardner&st;=cse … [Read more...]

Hitler on Faith

"This human world of ours would be inconceivable without the practical existence of a religious belief. The great masses of a nation are not composed of philosophers. For the masses of the people, especially faith is absolutely the only basis of a moral outlook on life. The various substitutes that have been offered have not shown any results that might warrant us in thinking that they might usefully replace the existing denominations. ...There may be a few hundreds of thousands of superior men … [Read more...]


I've been in Ireland a week now. Interesting. The only person walking up to me to say "Jesus loves you" was an immigrant from Africa. We had a tour guide in a ruined abbey who had a great sense of humor about Catholicism. And most of the big impressive historical churches in the country belong to the Anglican Church of Ireland.Based on this experience, I expect I'll be pretending I'm knowledgeable about religious life in Ireland pretty soon. … [Read more...]

Away in June

I'm off to a conference in Ireland, and I'll be doing some touristing around while I have the chance. And when I get back, I take off again, now to California, in a few days.We'll see if anyone else picks up the slack, or if this will be a quiet June on this blog. … [Read more...]