Stop Telling Me to be Respectful of Others’ Beliefs

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Alyssa (aka the Atheist Nerd Girl) republished on The Secular Outpost with permission. The original post may be found on her blog, Atheist Nerd Girl. As an outspoken atheist I’ve come across the “be respectful of others’ beliefs” sentiment many times when expressing my thoughts. The funny thing about it is I’ve been told that sort of thing by fellow atheists on several occasions. It’s as though they feel they’re being very nice and protective of the religio … [Read more...]

It Takes More Faith to Be an Atheist Than to Believe in God?

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Taylor Carr republished on The Secular Outpost with permission. The original post may be found on his blog, The Godless Skeptic. Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere, you've probably heard someone, somewhere, say at some point: "I think it takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe in god." Maybe you've even said it yourself. I've seen this amusing little remark bandied about in too many contexts to recount here, but most recently it's be … [Read more...]

Atheist Revival Meeting

Folks, it has come to my attention that some other atheists on other sites are indicating that we here at SO are not real atheists. We may even be crypto-Christians who appear in atheist guise to delude the unfaithful. So, I and Jeff and Bradley—and you atheists who frequently comment, like Scott, Ryan, and PDH—are all under a cloud of suspicion. Well, we might as well admit it. We are backsliders. We are lukewarm in our unbelief. We occasionally show respect to theists, whereas furious, ven … [Read more...]

The Slaughter of the Canaanites – Part 6

Clay Jones argues that Jehovah commanded the Israelites to slaughter the Canaanites (men, women, and children), but that this command and the Israelites obedience to the command was morally justified because the Canaanites deserved the death penalty for various serious crimes or sins which were violations of the laws of Jehovah. Jones provides a list of the crimes or sins allegedly committed by the Canaanites which were (supposedly) deserving of the death penalty: idolatry, incest, adultery, ch … [Read more...]

The Slaughter of the Canaanites – Part 5

have been imagining that Jehovah was at least quasi-just and thus demanded trials for each Canaanite before the Canaanites were condemned to death as punishment for a serious crime or sin.  My argument is that there were many kinds of BIAS on the part of Jehovah and the Israelites which would make such trials unfair and thus the use of the death penalty in those circumstances was clearly unjust.I have just one more category of BIAS to discuss, but it is IMHO a root cause of many of various … [Read more...]

The Slaughter of the Canaanites – Part 4

In Part 3 of this series, I raised twenty objections to a Conservative Christian approach to the Old Testament stories about Jehovah commanding the Israelites to slaughter the Canaanites (men, women, and children).  Most of the objections are to the effect that some particular aspect of the slaughter of the Canaanites is evidence that JEHOVAH IS UNJUST.The particular attempt to show that Jehovah and the Israelites were morally justified in this horrifically violent activity is from an a … [Read more...]

LINK: Are Atheists and Christians Enemies?

According to this atheist, the answer is "no."LINK … [Read more...]

Stupid Atheist Meme #4: “Let’s Put an End to the Philosophy of Religion!”

Note: For the avoidance of doubt, in calling this and other memes"stupid" I'm not claiming--and don't think--that anyone who agrees with any or all of these memes is a stupid person.  J.L. Schellenberg has written all that needs to be said on this topic, in a combox on another site (skip down to comment #47). I think it’s worth quoting in full.Having done philosophy of religion as an atheist for more than twenty years, I find the idea that atheistic belief should lead one to view philosophy … [Read more...]