Darwin the Philosopher

I have noted several unfortunate statements by scientists, some of whom I deeply respect, expressing disdain for philosophy. Their view, apparently, is that if you have science you have no need for philosophy. This attitude is doubly unfortunate. First, it betrays considerable ignorance, and, second, when scientists reject philosophy, they really, really should avoid philosophical questions, like the existence of God, because they say embarrassing things that a bit of philosophical insight would … [Read more...]

Open Letter to (and Standing Debate Invitation for) William Lane Craig

Bill,It's been almost twenty years to the day since we first exchanged letters about the transcript of your debate with Corey Washington. I enjoyed the two opportunities I had to spend time with you and your wife, Jan, once in Colorado and once in Atlanta. In September 2000, you agreed that a debate between us would be valuable. In the almost 15 years which have passed since then, many different debate organizers have tried to arrange a debate between us, but it never seems to work out. I'm w … [Read more...]

Farewell to Dr. Richard Paul

Richard Paul

I recently received the following email with the sad news that Dr. Richard Paul had died this summer at the end of August.Richard Paul was my favorite professor of philosophy at Sonoma State University. He was a dynamic lecturer,  a terrific mentor, and a leading theorist and advocate of critical thinking.  Learning from him was the closest thing to learning from Socrates that I will ever experience.========================September 1, 2015Dear Critical Thinking C … [Read more...]

Does William Lane Craig Actually Believe in Evil?

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Taylor Carr republished on The Secular Outpost with permission. The original post may be found on his blog, The Godless Skeptic. If it's right for someone to permit some event, then his action is just right... On my view, the wrongness of an action is determined by its being forbidden by God. An action is morally permissible if it is not forbidden by God. Now obviously God didn't forbid permitting the Haitian earthquake, so it has the right-making property … [Read more...]

Stephen J. Graham Replies to J.P. Moreland on Miracles and Evidence

Stephen J. Graham is a Christian philosopher, so it's refreshing to find him criticizing J.P. Moreland's astonishingly low bar for believing miracle claims.LINK … [Read more...]

Philosophy of Religion in Secular Philosophy Departments

An unrelated Internet search somehow led me to this online copy of The Blackwell Companion to the Philosophy of Religion (2d ed.,  ed. Charles Taliaferro, Paul Draper, and Philip L. Quinn). As I skimmed the Table of Contents, I started thinking about the proper place for the philosophy of religion (PoR) in the curriculum of a philosophy department at a secular university.I think this topic is a case where the specifics matter. So let's assume (but only for the sake of argument) that this book … [Read more...]

The Slaughter of the Canaanites – Part 10

Clay Jones argues that Jehovah commanded the Israelites to slaughter the Canaanites (men, women, and children), but that this command and the obedience of the Israelites to the command was morally justified because the Canaanites deserved the death penalty for various serious crimes or sins which were violations of the laws of Jehovah (see his article “Killing the Canaanites”). Jones provides a list of the crimes or sins allegedly committed by the Canaanites which were (supposedly) deserving of t … [Read more...]

Where is the Condemnation from Theists For Zacharias’s Dishonesty?

If a prominent atheist such as Richard Dawkins had exaggerated his credentials in the way Ravi Zacharias has, then we can be sure that theists would have shouted that fact from the mountaintops.So why is it that Zacharias is getting a "free pass" from theists? … [Read more...]