Aquinas’ Argument for the Existence of God – Part 4

NOTE: I began to reconstruct Aquinas' argument for the existence of God in the post I Don't Care - Part 4, and continued that effort in  I Don't Care - Part 5, and I Don't Care - Part 6.   I am changing the title of this series to better reflect the content, so I consider the previous posts numbered as Parts 4, 5, and 6 to constitute Parts 1, 2, and 3 (respectively) of this new series called "Aquinas' Argument for the Existence of God".  That is why I'm calling this post "Part 4".The first "h … [Read more...]

Hope for a Brighter Future

A recent studv (based on surveys conducted between 1972 and 2014 that produced responses from over 58,000 Americans) shows that belief in God has declined significantly in recent decades.===============The findings show that from the early 1980s to 2014:• Those who identified their religion as “none” increased from 7 percent to 21 percent. • Those who never attend religious services doubled to 26 percent. • Those who say they never pray rose from 3 to 15 percent. • Those who say th … [Read more...]

How to Think about Historical Evidence about Anything, Part 1: The Credibility of Testimony

Note: So far as I know, no one working in New Testament scholarship, apologetics, counter-apologetics, or ancient history is applying the concepts in this blog post. As will soon become obvious, most of the ideas in this blog post are not mine, but if other people find these techniques useful, I would appreciate being given credit for the idea to apply them outside of their source discipline. 1. Schumian Framework for Decomposition of the Credibility of Testimony Suppose witness W testifies E* … [Read more...]

Religious Violence: The Question that Will not go Away

Every time there is yet another terrorist attack by jihadists, you can count on some immediate responses: The media will devote obsessive attention, national leaders will condemn and decry, bigots will blame the innocent, and presidential candidates (some of whom are bigots) will issue calls to “get tough.” And scores of liberal pundits and academics will ascend soapboxes to reassure us that Islam is not the cause of these horrific events. Any suggestion that those who kill while shouting “Al … [Read more...]

Why Nobody Should Believe that Jesus Rose from the Dead

First of all, extradordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but there is only weak evidence that Jesus rose from the dead:The evidence that Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem and died on the cross on the same day he was crucified is weak. The evidence that Jesus was alive and walking around in Jerusalem less than 48 hours after he was crucified is weak. IF the evidence that Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem and died on the cross on the same day he was crucified is weak and the e … [Read more...]

Texas AG Hires Anti-Gay and anti-Church/State Separation Activist

Texas Attorney General (and indicted securities fraud suspect) Ken Paxton has hired fundamentalist activist Jeff Mateer as his top assistant: Texas it is just business as usual to hire zealots and ideologues and put them in positions where they are supposed to be working for the people, all the people (an not just the ones, like Betty Bowers, who are so close to Jesus that they s … [Read more...]

Off-Topic: America Needs to Have Just Two Time Zones and the World Should Follow Suit

LINK … [Read more...]

William Lane Craig’s Logic Lesson – Part 4

In the March Reasonable Faith Newsletter William Craig asserted this FALSE principle about valid deductive arguments that have premises that are probable:... in a deductive argument the probability of the premises establishes only a minimum probability of the conclusion: even if the premises are only 51% probable, that doesn’t imply that the conclusion is only 51% probable. It implies that the conclusion is at least 51% probable.There are a variety of natural tendencies that people have t … [Read more...]