Message to Moderate Muslims

The position of the moderate Muslim is unenviable. Conservative Muslims castigate you as apostates and heretics. Right-wing Americans lump you with the terrorists and fanatics. So extreme has the anti-Muslim fervor become in the United States that Donald Trump can call for temporarily banning all Muslims from entering the country—and his poll numbers go up! Governors of states such as Texas oppose the settlement of Syrian refugees in their states, adding insult to the injury suffered by these v … [Read more...]

Response to William Lane Craig – Part 8

I have one final objection to raise against Luke Johnson’s use of the “method of convergence".  I have been using the phrase "the devil is in the details" to summarize a number of problems with, or objections to, Johnson's use of the "method of convergence" to establish some key claims about Jesus.  But there are some specific DETAILS about the alleged crucifixion of Jesus that I have not yet mentioned but that represent more such details that raise doubt about the claim that "Jesus died on the c … [Read more...]

TRUMP: His Bigotry & Hate is not Welcome in the U.K. or Israel

500K signed petition against Trump

Racists and Bigots are allowed to to speak and to advocate their racist and bigoted views in the USA, but other countries have laws against such hate speech, so Donald Trump could be blocked from entry into Britain.============================ =============================== More than 360,000 people, angered by Donald Trump’s call to ban the entry of Muslims into the United States, have signed a petition accusing him of hate speech and asking the British government to bar h … [Read more...]

TRUMP: Make America Hate Again!

Make America Hate Again

 In previous weeks the top two Republican candidates for president were (1) an ignorant racist bigot (Trump), and (2) an ignorant religious nut case (Carson).  I used to think that about 1/3 of the Republican party was brain dead, because that is about the portion of Republicans who still believe Obama is a Muslim and that we found Weapons of Mass Destruction hidden away in Iraq.  But since about 1/2 of the Republican party favors either Trump or Carson, I'm now convinced that about … [Read more...]

In Defense of Dwindling Probability – Part 3

strong inductive argument

When drinking alcoholic beverages it is good to know how much alcohol one is consuming, especially if one needs to drive home after having such beverages.Beer has less alcohol than wine, and wine has less alcohol than liquor.  Beer commonly ranges from 4% to 6% alcohol by volume (ABV).  Wine commonly ranges from 8% to 14% ABV,  and liquor commonly ranges from 30% to 60% ABV.In the USA, a standard drink has .6 oz of alcohol:One 12 0z bottle of beer that is 5% alcohol by volume has  . … [Read more...]

Norms as Hypothetical Imperatives

Note: This may be a tad technical for some readers. In my postings here at SO I recognize that many readers are not academic philosophers, so I try to walk a line that balances philosophical accuracy with accessibility. Here I go into somewhat greater detail and depth on an issue that non-philosophers may regard as esoteric. The issue is actually quite important, dealing with the sources and justification of ethical and moral norms. My reflections here spring from recently going over Hilary … [Read more...]

In Defense of Dwindling Probability – Part 2

I see that Plantinga's skeptical argument refers to "Dwindling Probabilities" rather than "Dwindling Probability".  Sorry about my failure to get the name of this topic quite right.I should mention that I did not learn about this sort of skeptical argument from the Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga.  I learned about the Multiplication Rule of probablity in high school math, and then again in one of many courses on logic and critical thinking that I took in college and as a graduate s … [Read more...]

In Defense of Dwindling Probability

Dwindling Probability

One claim involved in the case for the resurrection of Jesus is this:D.  Jesus died on the same day he was crucified.The truth of this claim depends on the truth of some prior claims:E.  Jesus existed.C. Jesus was crucified.A probability tree diagram can illustrate how claim (D) involves dwindling probability (for a better view, click on the image):                                                                                                                              … [Read more...]