The Absence of Religion in the Presidential Race Will Be Evident in Tonight’s Debate

Expect the Right to complain about the lack of references to religion in the debates, just as they’re fighting back vehemently against the modernization of our laws and societal norms in regards to the LGBTQ and secular movements. [Read more…]

Billy Graham Says Christians Can Do Nothing to Convert Atheists

And by ‘do nothing,’ I mean he says to pray.  So, same thing. [Read more…]

How to Get Excommunicated

If you, like me, are still feeling the adhesive, guilt-ridden embrace of Catholicism, please feel free to use this letter as a guide to freeing yourself so you can live a life of secular existential despair. [Read more…]

Bryan Fischer: Atheists and Pro-Choice Advocates Unqualified to be Judges

Posterboy for the Religious Right and theocrat Bryan Fischer recently stuck his foot in his mouth on his radio show again, while opining on who is and is not qualified to be a judge in the American legal system. [Read more…]

The Inspiration of the NY/NJ Bombings Needs to Be Addressed — Religion

Until we are willing to have an honest conversation about religion and its proper place in society, we will continue to be plagued by its violent kinds. [Read more…]

Donald Trump Thinks Due Process Is a Bad Idea

Maybe the ‘Law and Order’ candidate should watch a few episodes of the TV show with the same name to learn a little bit about how the legal system works in this country. [Read more…]

Vatican’s Top Exorcist Dies, Hopes He’s Not Reunited with 160,000 Demons He Sent to Hell

Now that Amorth is gone, I can only imagine the earth will soon be overrun by demons, much like when the containment unit got shut down at Ghostbusters headquarters. [Read more…]

Trump Addresses Birther Involvement While Plugging New Hotel in DC

Despite admitting that President Obama is a natural-born American citizen, he still tried to pin the movement on Clinton, who throughout the 2008 campaign, called the birther movement racist and stupid. [Read more…]

The Tri-State Freethinkers’ Latest Protest Target — The KKK

The Tri-State Freethinkers will be protesting a KKK recruitment rally in Indiana on September 24th. [Read more…]

In Bolivia, If You Smash a Rock, God Will Grant Your Wishes

In Bolivia there is a tradition where thousands of believers smash rocks in the hope of making their wishes come true, all thanks to a ‘blessed virgin.’ [Read more…]