Wannabe Dictator Donald Trump Calls for SNL to be Canceled Over Political Satire

Trump’s call for the show to be canceled is potentially a big deal. Here’s why. [Read more…]

One of Trump’s Deplorables in Buffalo Hangs Noose in Front Yard as a ‘Political Statement’

‘We’re going to all be hanging from there. Right now, it’s America hanging from it.’ [Read more…]

THIS JUST IN: People Are Still Superstitious Idiots

Since the default reaction of many of the religious and otherwise gullible is to attribute all unexplained occurrences to something supernatural, these individuals with no critical thinking skills are split between ‘ghost ship’ and ‘Jesus Christ walking on water.’ [Read more…]

‘Christ in the Flesh’ Admits to Sexually Abusing Underage Girls

Religious sects like River Road Fellowship are a microcosm of the purpose, and subsequently the danger of organized religion. Religious organizations are about power and control. [Read more…]

Good News Club Flyer Shockingly Doesn’t Mention Threats of Hell

The Good News Club shows us how deceitful they are with this benign-looking flyer. We see the what, where, who, and when, but not the ‘how’. [Read more…]

My Conversation With an Evangelical Pastor and Good News Club Leader About Damning Kids to Hell

A Good News Club leader attempted to defend its message, claiming the GNC is transparent, and then went silent. I wonder why. [Read more…]

Unlike the Presidential Debate, Religion Should Be a Factor in the VP Debate Tonight

Despite Tim Kaine and Mike Pence both being Catholic, their approaches to religion in government are at an impasse. [Read more…]

The Absence of Religion in the Presidential Race Will Be Evident in Tonight’s Debate

Expect the Right to complain about the lack of references to religion in the debates, just as they’re fighting back vehemently against the modernization of our laws and societal norms in regards to the LGBTQ and secular movements. [Read more…]

Billy Graham Says Christians Can Do Nothing to Convert Atheists

And by ‘do nothing,’ I mean he says to pray.  So, same thing. [Read more…]

How to Get Excommunicated

If you, like me, are still feeling the adhesive, guilt-ridden embrace of Catholicism, please feel free to use this letter as a guide to freeing yourself so you can live a life of secular existential despair. [Read more…]