Ken Ham Wants to Trick Your Kids Again This Halloween

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis is doing his best to suck the fun out of Halloween again. To be fair, these gospel tracts are delicious. Read more

PAStAHCon Showed Us How Atheist Conferences Should Be Run

Somehow this conference was successful despite not providing a platform for misogynists, racists, white supremacists, alt-righters, or rape apologists. Huh. Read more

Humanism and Activism Will Rightfully Be on Display at PAStAHCon This Weekend

Unlike MythCon which was shrouded in controversy for good reason, the PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference is focused on good works and positivity. Read more

Anxiety Alert: My Secular Son Is Starting First Grade in a Christian Town

For atheists, raising children without religion sounds pretty easy… unless you live in a tiny rural-suburban village with more church pews than people. Read more

Like Football? Join This NFL Pool and Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Just $10 gains you entry into this survivor-style NFL football pool, with 50% of the money going to secular charities, including Hurricane Harvey victims. Read more

Public Shaming Works: Joel Osteen Opens Doors to Harvey Refugees

Joel Osteen apparently needs the internet to remind him how to be a good Christian. Thankfully for Hurricane Harvey victims, he listened. Read more

Irony Alert: Good News Club Posts Article About Childhood Trauma

The Good News Club posted an article about avoiding 7 types childhood trauma. Here’s how the GNC subjects kids to each of them. Read more

On Gleb Tsipursky’s Attacks: My Final Response

I address the Pro-Truth Pledge founder’s accusations of slander, cyberbullying, and yes, racism, and finish with a final message to him directly. Read more

Even After ‘Apology,’ Pro-Truth Pledge Still Shrouded in Deceit

Gleb Tsipursky has apologized for deception associated with the Pro-Truth Pledge. But he’s still unethically cashing in on other people’s content. Read more

Good News Club Busts in on Summer School Classes to Evangelize Kids

Good News Club volunteers are breaking the law again, this time in Wisconsin. Can parents do anything about it? I have an idea. Read more

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