An Open Letter to Aryn Coyle from the Mother of a Transgender Daughter

My daughter is different from yours in many ways, but being a girl is not one of them. [Read more…]

Oklahoma To Vote On Allowing Ten Commandments Monument

Even beyond that, they are voting on allowing public funds to be used for religious purposes. [Read more…]

This Church Is Blatantly Supporting Donald Trump

Getting involved in politics is a great thing to do, just don’t do it through a church. And if you do, then it’s time to give up those tax exemptions. [Read more…]

When Religion is Toxic

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Yes, There Are Still Christians Who Believe Rock Music Is The Devil

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Grieving Without Faith: Finding Meaning in a Godless Life

The truth is that I’m nothing less than profoundly grateful. What’s more is that mine is a gratitude I could never have arrived at if I thought earthly life was just the lesser part of our experience. [Read more…]

Judge Rules Funeral Home Allowed To Fire Transgender Worker Because Of Religion

The funeral home said that Stephens is biologically male and was violating their dress code because she doesn’t wear suits. [Read more…]

Good News Club Launches Petition to Seemingly No One

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SHOCKER: Gay Couples Are Not Asking Pastors to Preside Over Their Weddings

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The Horrifying Indifference Of Cardinal George Pell

Months after Cardinal Pell testified in the Australian Royal Commission into sexual abuse by the church, he has been accused of the same. [Read more…]