Religious Freedom Law in Indiana Being Used as Defense for Child Abuse

Thanks to Mike Pence and his cohorts, this abusive mother may be set free. [Read more…]

Kids Are Back to School, So Good News Clubs Are Back to Deceiving Parents

THAT’S a Good News Club information and permission slip for a public school??  Oh no no no… [Read more…]

No, Allen West, Black Oppression Isn’t Gone Because You’re Successful

Allen West’s anecdotal evidence of a lack of black oppression in America is as weak as any argument I’ve heard to date, rooted in logical fallacy. [Read more…]

Thank Who?!? — An Atheist Reacts to Those Praising God for Medical Care

Nobody seems to realize that praising a god for sparing someone implies that that same god didn’t spare someone else who was in a similar situation. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to Aryn Coyle from the Mother of a Transgender Daughter

My daughter is different from yours in many ways, but being a girl is not one of them. [Read more…]

Oklahoma To Vote On Allowing Ten Commandments Monument

Even beyond that, they are voting on allowing public funds to be used for religious purposes. [Read more…]

This Church Is Blatantly Supporting Donald Trump

Getting involved in politics is a great thing to do, just don’t do it through a church. And if you do, then it’s time to give up those tax exemptions. [Read more…]

When Religion is Toxic

Power corrupts. Believers suffer. [Read more…]

Yes, There Are Still Christians Who Believe Rock Music Is The Devil

For some, lyrics don’t matter at all. It’s more about the sound. [Read more…]

Grieving Without Faith: Finding Meaning in a Godless Life

The truth is that I’m nothing less than profoundly grateful. What’s more is that mine is a gratitude I could never have arrived at if I thought earthly life was just the lesser part of our experience. [Read more…]