Irony Alert: Likely Senate Replacement for Jeff Sessions Trashes Islam, Citing 1st Amendment

When Jeff Sessions took the Attorney General job, his US Senate seat was vacated. On August 15th, Alabama will hold a special election to fill the open seat. Republican Roy Moore is currently the favorite to win the election and recently met with a group of voters in Glendale, AL.

During the meeting, a woman asked Moore about Sharia law (at about the 20-minute mark):

I’ve seen a lot in the news about Sharia law, and Muslims demanding break times to do their prayers and wanting to have their laws oversee our laws, and I just wonder how you plan to deal with that.

First off, if you really think US law is being usurped by Islamic regulations, then you need to check your sources. You’re obviously neck-deep in right wing propaganda and a reality check is in order. But of course, instead of answering this misled voter to that effect, Moore feeds into it with this reply:

False religions like Islam who teach that you must worship this way, are completely opposite with what our First Amendment stands for. Our First Amendment stands for that man can’t tell you how to worship God. Congress can’t even make a law respecting an establishment of religion.

Wait, what? So religions that tell you how to worship somehow contradict the First Amendment? Just about every denomination of Christianity tells its followers how to worship. Does that make Christianity a false religion too? Does Christianity also contradict the principles of the First Amendment? That makes absolutely no sense.

The First Amendment mandates that the government can’t tell you how to practice your religion. It doesn’t say that “man” can’t tell you. Isn’t that one of the roles of any religious cleric? To guide its followers in correctly practicing their religion? Roy Moore’s explanation of why Islam is a false religion is unbelievably asinine, but of course goes unchallenged by the well-educated voters at the BBQ joint where he’s holding this Q&A.

Moore went on with his rambling 8-minute response, ending with a mention of same-sex marriage. It’s obvious that he’s against its legalization, as he reiterates a right-wing talking point that many “persecuted” Christians blurt out for no justifiable reason:

See, when [judges] create a right, they take away another right that God gave us. And if they keep going, they’ll take away any right.

Yeah, ok pal. We get it. Alarmism works. That’s what helped to get Trump elected. Your lack of originality is transparent as hell.

It’s safe to say that former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore doesn’t understand the First Amendment, since he was removed from the bench in 2003 for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Supreme Court building. On top of that, he was removed yet again in 2016 for not complying with the US Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

Roy Moore doesn’t respect the laws of the United States of America when they don’t agree with his particular choice of religion. That makes him unfit for office in a secular government. The US is not a Christian theocracy, whether Roy Moore wants it to be or not.

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