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Canadian Free Speech And Reactions To M-103 (VIDEO)

The Canadian motion M-103 has caused division as some feel the lines have been blurred between hate speech and free speech. [Read more…]

Knights Of Malta Square Off With Pope Francis In Condom Investigation Feud [VIDEO]

As a result of this ridiculous feud, the Church will use the hard-earned wealth of their previous and current congregations to make lawyers richer. And for what? To reinforce old-fashioned and simply dangerous rules they stand by, even though most Catholics¬†choose¬†to ignore them. [Read more…]

In Bolivia, If You Smash a Rock, God Will Grant Your Wishes

In Bolivia there is a tradition where thousands of believers smash rocks in the hope of making their wishes come true, all thanks to a ‘blessed virgin.’ [Read more…]

When Religion is Toxic

Power corrupts. Believers suffer. [Read more…]

The Horrifying Indifference Of Cardinal George Pell

Months after Cardinal Pell testified in the Australian Royal Commission into sexual abuse by the church, he has been accused of the same. [Read more…]

When Atheists are Dying

When a person of faith explains what heaven will be, or who is there, or how you get there, the atheist’s response is often, ‘How can you possibly know that?’ [Read more…]

Problems with Belief

Personally I believe the Bible has literary value. It shows us how people lived thousands of years ago. It is of historical value. A problem arises when the book is taken literally and as the actual word of God. I personally doubt the miracles that are mentioned in the Bible for many reasons. It is [Read More…]

Religious Morality Lacks Integrity

Our judicial laws are separate from biblical and religious laws for good reason. [Read more…]

When Religions Get It Wrong, They Could At Least Apologize!

Science is not trying to indoctrinate us, but just simply to improve our lives, as opposed to religion which has a long history of trying to dominate and dictate all aspects of people’s lives based on misinformation. [Read more…]

PREVIEW: Reason Rally Mini-Con Offers a la Carte Menu of Speakers in More Intimate Setting

Attendees will be able to pick and choose which speakers and workshops they attend among five different conference rooms in the hotel operating simultaneously. [Read more…]