Pat Robertson is Bat Shit Crazy

Ok, maybe the title is a little harsh.  But come on, this is a guy that compared Liberals to Nazis, called feminists child murderers, and said that Haiti is suffering because of the pact they made with the devil to get the French out.  And now his latest rant involves same sex marriage.  Recently on the 700 Club, Mr. Robertson explained that America is turning into a modern day Sodom and is heading toward the path of God’s destruction. According… Read more

Is Our Country’s Culture Beyond Repair? Why Weiner Should Have Stayed in Office

The recent developments in the Anthony Weiner “scandal” have forced me to give some thought to what’s going on with American society and whether or not it needs fixing.  There are so many avenues I could go down with this post:  the news media’s obsession with scandal, our voyeuristic culture, the ultra-sensitive fragile feelings of the masses, the opportunistic lawyers and civil rights advocates that are working for the almighty dollar rather than justice, or the tendency toward reveling in… Read more

The Right Has Nothing Better to Do

Yup… so instead of focusing on the crisis in the Middle East, unemployment, health care, education, and a myriad of other issues that threaten the great US of A, Michelle Bachmann and her Congressional Prayer Caucus have written a letter to President Obama correcting him on his reference to our National Motto. The Caucus, “dedicated to preserving America’s religious heritage,” (and supported by your tax dollars) has pointed out to our commander in chief that he misspoke in a speech… Read more

Bama Governor Bentley Only Represents Bible Beaters

In a speech given by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley on Martin Luther King Day, shortly after being sworn in, Bentley pissed off his non-saved constituents by proclaiming that if you don’t have the holy spirit living inside you, you’re not his brother or sister. Oh the irony. Savor it. Ok so to be fair, the amount of voters in Alabama that he actually offended was like 8. But his office issued an empty apology anyway: “If anyone from other religions… Read more

Vatican Science: An oxymoron?

I recently read an article published on (here) that discussed the Vatican’s view on science as a whole, but more specifically, the Big Bang Theory. It appears that the guy in the big hat is ok with the theory and thinks there is a place for science and religion to coexist on this front. So his message to his sheep is this: “I’m cool with the big bang but don’t forget, god is the puppet master pulling the strings.”… Read more

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