The SecularVoices Podcast Has Launched! Episode 1: The Good News Club

Episode 1 is here and the topic is of course, the Good News Club! Also, how you can get some great rewards for supporting a science documentary, but the campaign ends today! [Read more…]

Help Support an Anti-Creationism Film and Get Rewarded by SecularVoices

If you haven’t heard, a documentary is in the works that’s focused on the building of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, the protests against it (in which I participated), and the effort that creationists are making to undermine science education in the US. [Read more…]

Coming Soon: the SecularVoices Podcast!

This is something I’ve been kicking around for over a year now, since before DividedUnderGod became SecularVoices, brought on guest writers, signed on with Freethoughtblogs, then moved to Patheos. Yeah, last year was crazy. But in a good way, not a ‘the country elected a fuhrer’ way. [Read more…]

Knights Of Malta Square Off With Pope Francis In Condom Investigation Feud [VIDEO]

As a result of this ridiculous feud, the Church will use the hard-earned wealth of their previous and current congregations to make lawyers richer. And for what? To reinforce old-fashioned and simply dangerous rules they stand by, even though most Catholics¬†choose¬†to ignore them. [Read more…]

Good News Club Attacks After School Satan Club, Makes Transparency Claims Again, and Blocks Me

So much for transparency. It’s much easier to block out the dissenters than answer to them. Welcome to fundamentalism. [Read more…]

My Response to a Good News Club Apologist

I’ve been responding on social media to schools that have been promoting sign-ups for the Good News Club. Today, a GNC parent decided to respond, defending the Good News Club and its volunteers. Of course, I responded back. [Read more…]

We Need to Do More of This If We Want to Stop the Good News Club

It’s important that things like this don’t go unresponded to. It’s important that people know we’re there, and that the Good News Club isn’t operating without oversight. [Read more…]

The Likely Reason Why Zuckerberg Denounced His Atheism — HINT: It’s Not His Daughter

Widespread speculation on the interwebs suggested that Zuck’s change of heart is likely due to his daughter’s arrival in late 2015 and the religious customs that coincide with childhood and early development. But now there’s another theory floating around. [Read more…]

Ken Ham Just Threw a Twitter Tantrum Aimed at the Washington Post

It’s always fun to see someone who built his career on misinformation lose his mind when someone else represents him or his organization incorrectly. [Read more…]

This Week in God’s Plan: 12/30/16 #TWIGP

Welcome to the second weekly installment of SecularVoices’ new feature, This Week in God’s Plan. If you missed it last week, here’s what this is all about: This Week in God’s Plan (#TWIGP), will highlight (or lowlight) some of the events that happened over the past week that no self-respecting benevolent deity could ever insert [Read More…]