School Caught Promoting Good News Club Now Trying to Cover Its Tracks

Yesterday I wrote an article about Wittenburg Elementary, a school that held a day of fun for their kids called “Field Day,” but decided to break the law int he process by inviting Good News Club organizers to tag along, hand out refreshments, and put up a booth advertising the club at an official school function. Since then, a parent with kids in the school contacted me to thank me for writing the piece and let me know of other... Read more

Good News Club Testing Legal Limits Again

Today in Alexander County, North Carolina, the Wittenburg Elementary School held a day of fun for their kids called “Field Day.”  From the photos posted on the school’s Facebook page, it looks like the kids had lots of fun outside playing games and eating snow cones.  There’s a problem here though. It appears the snow cones, as well as drinks resembling Kool-Aid (oh the irony), were provided by the predatory fundamentalist Good News Club, who by law, are not to be... Read more

Latest Kevin Sorbo Strawman Film to Begin Production April 8

It’s true, unfortunately. Kevin Sorbo, of Hercules fame, is in the midst of arguably the busiest time of his entire acting career.  Most people wouldn’t know it though, since a huge portion of his recent films share the same underlying themes — God, Jesus, or how stupid atheism is. Since making a splash in the mainstream Christian scene as a strawman “atheist” professor in God’s Not Dead, Sorbo has starred in, or is scheduled to star in, an abundance of... Read more

Canadian Free Speech And Reactions To M-103 (VIDEO)

No one can argue that right now is indeed a very strange point in time. We have polarization on a level not seen for a very long time. It is disturbing to see both terrorism and populists take power and so much of the media’s spotlight. Adding to the problem is the huge ‘us vs. them’ mentality on social media. Where is the peace movement? Where is the unity? Canada’s controversial new motion, M-103, outlawing Islamophobia has caused huge polarity too.... Read more

ACTIVISM ALERT: Indiana School Principal Working Hard to Protect the Good News Club

This week, an elementary school principal in Indiana has been feverishly deleting negative comments about the Good News Club on his school’s official Facebook page.  Is this a violation of church/state separation? It’s at least a violation of the criteria set forth by the Good News Club v. Milford Central Schools decision handed down by the US Supreme Court. Here’s what happened. As many of our readers are aware, I routinely scan social media sites for references to the Good News... Read more

SHOCKER: The Blaze is Helping to Spread More Lies about Planned Parenthood

On Wednesday, Brandon Morse at The Blaze (Glenn Beck’s website) published a piece featuring a supposed email from a woman who visited Planned Parenthood for adoption counseling but was pressured into considering abortion instead. The story, which includes a video of a woman reading the email as if she had written it (she didn’t), claims the email was sent by an atheist woman to the Christian, anti-feminism, anti-Planned Parenthood website Sheologians. The woman’s name is never revealed, nor is any... Read more

Church-run Police Force? It May Happen at This Alabama Church and School

Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Alabama is one step closer to getting its own police force to protect its church and affiliated school, Briarwood Christian School.  Apparently threatening children with hell doesn’t have quite the effect it used to. Now they need guys with guns.  And hiring security guards to protect the grounds, like every other large business does, isn’t quite Bible Belt-y enough.  Hee Haw. On Wednesday, the Alabama State Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would allow the church to... Read more

Pastor Greg Locke Planned Parenthood Drive: An Update

It’s been a week since the piece about Pastor Greg Locke was posted and went viral, being read and shared by thousands online. Here’s what’s happened since. When I wrote the article about Locke getting all worked up about someone donating to Planned Parenthood in his name, I thought maybe a hundred or so people would follow the instructions I gave and join in the fun for a good cause.  What I didn’t plan for was to get the attention... Read more

Pastor Greg Locke is Pissed: People are Donating to Planned Parenthood in his Name

Sometimes my faith in humanity is restored. This is one of those times. Someone donating to Planned Parenthood on behalf of a bigoted, obnoxious anti-choice religious zealot like Greg Locke is funny enough. But when that loudmouth hate-spewer receives a thank you card from Planned Parenthood, and then actually posts a video about how pissed off he was about it… man, that’s comedy gold.  He titled it (in all caps, of course, because that’s the preferred formatting of unhinged psychos):... Read more

Trump’s America: Another Jewish Cemetery Vandalized Sunday

On Sunday, Philadelphia police discovered over 100 vandalized headstones at Mount Carmel Jewish Cemetery after a visitor to some of the gravesites called authorities.  Along with that, eleven Jewish Community Centers received bomb threats on the same day.  This comes only a week after a similar incident in Missouri, where at least 150 Jewish graves were vandalized. Embed from Getty Images And before the Trump supporters who read this jump all over me, I’m not accusing Donald Trump of desiring... Read more