Resources For Those Who Want To Know About Atheist History

When people think about the history of atheism they often think of it as something young. This is probably a bit frustrating to historians of atheism and as an atheist who is also a historian it’s definitely frustrating to me. So I decided to create a short post revolving around atheist history. This is a [Read More…]

Public History And Becoming A More Effective History Communicator

Public history is generally defined as work related to history that’s done outside of specialized academic settings. Public historians are generally the incredible individuals who communicate history to non-historians and engage in work outside of academia in what’s sometimes jokingly referred to as the “real world”. Public historians are the oftentimes the individuals who inspire [Read More…]

North Carolina’s Highly Problematic General Assembly Republicans

North Carolina is an unusual state. It’s a battleground state that’s frequently in the news, has really strong universities despite a weak public school system for earlier education due in part to largely apathetic state institutions most notoriously it’s own state-level General Assembly, was on the news for both the notorious “Bathroom Bill” and an [Read More…]

Graduation And Plans For The Future: Welcome To My Life

This is a personal post where I talk about my plans for the future. If you’re curious about those plans this is a post you might find neat. In Case You Needed A Reminder: I’m only 22 years old. As far as I know I’m the youngest Patheos nonreligious writer, and that the next youngest [Read More…]

A Conversation About Latinx: Gender Neutrality In Spanish

I’m going to start this off by acknowledging that by merely mentioning the word “Latinx” I’m practically begging for people to come here and tell me how I’m disrespecting Spanish despite the fact that I’m doing no such thing. I know that by having a post centered around Latinx I’m asking for people to label [Read More…]

Colombian Atheists React To Alejandro Ordonez; A Lying Christian

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, I’ll be the first to admit it. That being said this deserves coverage because it’s genuinely really fascinating. In Colombia, Alejandro Ordonez is a theocratic clown whose recent statements have resulted in a variety of reactions including one from my friend and fellow Latin-American atheist [Read More…]

Recapping A Busy Week: I Did A Lot Of Neat Stuff

I’ve had a really busy week which has kept me from posting, and it’s mostly been personal stuff that comes with completing college. The next two weeks actually won’t be as bad as this week has been because on Thursday I’ll be turning in my final assignment and already have completed my final final. Basically [Read More…]

The Benito Juarez Experience: A Podcast Worth Checking Out

So I’m the co-host of a podcast. It’s named The Benito Juarez Experience. Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera, a good friend of mine, decided to start a podcast a few months ago and wanted a co-host so that he didn’t go about it alone and invited me to join him given that many of our interests align [Read More…]

Beginning A Conversation: David’s Thoughts On Diversity

Talking about diversity within the skeptical community can sometimes result in neat chats like this. Yesterday I made a post about diversity in skeptical conferences and this caused a reaction. David Osorio a digital pal of mine and a Colombian writer wrote a response to it. David is a solid writer, and someone who I generally [Read More…]

Diversity Matters For Skeptical Conventions And Conferences

On an earlier post I said I’d talk about this, so here we go. There’s a lack of diversity among speakers in skeptical events and conferences. And it’s annoying. It’s even worse because this is not a challenging thing to overcome. It’s actually really easy to move past this, not from an activists point of [Read More…]