Hunger in Latin-America and the Caribbean is on the rise. This is according to data from among other sources, the Food And Agriculture Organization of the UN. This dangerous rise will make existing conflicts worse and will lead to loss of life and a breakdown of social norms that worsens violence in places like Venezuela. Starvation is a serious threat that needs to be recognized and addressed substantially. It’s still worth noting that in Latin-America hunger isn’t the only thing… Read more

As everyone who pays any attention to estadounidense politics undoubtedly knows House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced his congressional retirement. I decided to listen to his speech and something that I heard him say has stayed in my head since I heard it. The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives made a fascinating rhetorical decision in the speech announcing his retirement. I want to talk about it and check how committed he is to it (as in how… Read more

I am in process of applying to graduate school at my alumni mater to get a Master’s Of Arts degree in Peace and Conflict Studies which is scary because I feel nervous that I won’t get accepted. The purpose of this post is to introduce readers unfamiliar with the field (I was unfamiliar with the field myself until I went to college and I have friends who attended the same university as me and are still unaware of the field… Read more

I’ve previously mentioned that April is going to be the first ever history month for free-thought, humanism, & secularism. This is a post about that, and how it is that people and organizations can participate even if I haven’t contacted them. Why April? Originally I wanted it to be done in May. I thought May was a good month to pick but after speaking with a few other historians we collectively agreed that it should be in the month with… Read more

I am going to be an occasional guest on what I describe as a debate podcast named “The Pan-National Express”. Today the moderator, my fellow debater an ethnic-nationalist who went by the name Oslo, and I debated separatism (which may or may not get uploaded because of audio problems we had in recording it, but I enjoyed the debate and gained a better understanding of ethnic-nationalism because of it and want to have a conversation with my readers because of it)…. Read more

This is a developing news story and as such the known details could be different by the time this article is read by anyone however as of 11:15 pm EST this article is up to date on information being circulated about the detainment of Perla Morales. Expect there to be updates to this article in the near future. It’s important that readers know what is going on in National City, California and what the U.S. Customs and Border Protection actions… Read more

Saying ICE (the Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency) is a controversial agency is an understatement. That being said, if we’re going to have serious conversations about emotional topics and talk about things in an educated and rational way, we need to have conversations about things and groups that upset us, including ICE the agency that is known to some in immigrant-heavy communities as family-destroyers and to some including citizens (both naturalized and natural-born) as comparable to the Gestapo. A Brief… Read more

There’s probably another universe where DACA was never needed in the first place because congresspeople didn’t care more about party loyalty & political optics than they did the lives of their fellow human beings. In yet another universe today was the day DACA expired (and that expiration actually meant something significant) after months of inaction from Congress. We live in a universe that’s in between those two, one where the DACA “deadline” doesn’t really mean much thanks to the actions… Read more

March is going to be a heck of a month for me. I’m going to try to create more content than I’ve ever done before by filming more videos, publishing more Patheos articles, & translating more news than I’ve ever done and I’m ultimately hoping that it leads to me being able to make a living or at least pay half of my bills through Patreon, ad revenue, & maybe even YouTube monetization (which would be incredible but you never… Read more

I originally had another post about Billy Graham in the works. I decided that that wasn’t worth publishing after rereading it but when I heard that Graham was going to lie in honor at the Capitol I decided to publish another article. One that pointed out the immorality of giving this incredible honor to someone who did as little as Graham has done for the people of this country, especially for people who aren’t Christians. What Does It Mean To… Read more

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