An Absence Of Hispanic Superheroes & Some Heroes To Bring To Life

The trailer for Infinity War dropped today. It was dope as heck and I recommend watching it over and over. It’s a 10/10 trailer in my book, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. Today we’re going to talk about superheroes. We’re going to talk specifically about Hispanic and Latino/Latina/Latinx superheroes. Given that I’m a huge geek and someone who likes representation and seeing people like me on TV and in movies this will be a lot… Read more

Honduras Rejects The Status Quo, Corruption, And Dictatorship

In an election that will stun the world and certainly stun a German publication Hondurans have reportedly narrowly rejected the sitting president’s bid for reelection. As someone whose professional specialty is Honduras and whose passion for Honduras is known internationally this election made me feel things that I hadn’t expected to feel and my excitement at the sitting president’s defeat goes beyond what I can intelligently articulate at 7 in the morning. This election’s final results mark Hondurans all over the… Read more

Talking Critically About Thanksgiving: A Historian Weighs In

Today is Thanksgiving. Before we go anywhere in this discussion I’m just going to get this out of the way: what we were told as children in the United States in public schools, particularly about Thanksgiving as an event which occurred at some point in the past is not accurate. I am not here to lie to readers and say that it is. What I am here to do is instead talk about the consequences of non-native estadounidenses twisting and… Read more

Honduran Election 2017: Basic Info & Historical Info

Some much-needed context for this article: In a week an episode of The Benito Juarez Experience (the podcast that I co-host with Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera, if you didn’t know about that, there’ll be a link to it here) will drop. In that episode, I provide a lot of information, much of it badly. A week after that, another episode will be released in which I re-explain some of the same stuff in a considerably better way, and also (hopefully) talk… Read more

Drafts Of My Personal Mission Statement & Brand Identity Objectives

Lately, I’ve been trying to be a far more serious and focused writer, content creator, and professional. Ever since I graduated from college, which was in May of this year, I’ve been working various jobs and been undertaking various roles in different organizations to increase both my personal opportunities and to become a more well-known and well-respected professional. Today I’m going to share the base goals or objectives for a brand that I eventually want to create using my audience and… Read more

Nakili, The Miskitu Man Who Went To The Land Of Dead & Back

A while ago I wanted to bring Mythology Monday back. I wasn’t able to do so in a way that I liked. Now I feel something close to satisfied with the way I plan on bringing it back: by intertwining Patheos and YouTube! I plan on creating brief (after this one anyway) videos about myths, monsters, and more from Latin-America and on creating brief posts like this. So for my first myth let me introduce you to Nakili, an Orpheus-like… Read more

The Politics Of Hope & Unity Vs The Politics Of Fear & Division

I was at work Tuesday night and thus didn’t get to pay a whole lot of attention to the elections as they were occurring but I was able to hear about the results when I got home that night. To me what happened in Virginia specifically, especially in the gubernatorial race was a testament to the power of a campaign that revolved around politics of hope & unity, vs a campaign centered around the politics of fear & division. I… Read more

Lamarckism The Idea Stealthily Creeping Into Fantasy & Sci-Fi

This is a post about Lamarckism and if you’ve never heard of Lamarckism I’m hoping that this post will get you interested in it as well as how it has appeared in various forms of media in the modern era. At some point in the future, I’m going to use this as a base for a video I am planning on making as soon as I can afford a video camera and editing software of my own. I think this would… Read more

News Article In Honduras Provokes Same-Sex Rights Talks

Honduras’s next election is in 21 days. On November 26th of this year, Honduras will elect its next president, a new congress, and the mayors of every municipality. This election is set to be the most intense in decades since as I and others have repeatedly pointed out this’ll be the first election since Honduras’s latest constitution was ratified in the early 80s where a presidential candidate will be eligible for reelection. That’s not the only reason to pay attention to this… Read more

November 3rd: Panama’s Separation From Colombia

As is fairly well-known the history behind Panama’s independence is a bit complicated. Today is the anniversary of the day Panama declared independence from Gran Colombia. This is just one day they celebrate. They also celebrate on November 28th which is when they separated from Spain. Today’s post is about their independence from Colombia, which is also probably the better known of their splits since a bit of it is taught in high schools in the United States. In my… Read more

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