A Conversation About Deconversion, And Why People Share Their Stories

This is a sort of response to a series of posts by Dave Armstrong, another Patheos blogger who runs the Biblical Evidence For Catholicism blog. He has recently begun exploring and writing about the deconversion stories of various atheists. The first one I read of this series of his was a response to the deconversion [Read More…]

Netflix’s Bright Could Be The Next Great Urban Fantasy Movie

Netflix has an ambitious project in the works in the form of Bright. Starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, the newest trailer for the Netflix original movie creates an intriguing and supernatural modern world where humans mix and mingle with a variety of magical beings including orcs, elves, and fairies. Before we continue any further [Read More…]

John McCain, Conditional Compassion, and Healthcare

Arizona Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with glioblastoma a relatively common and vicious brain tumor according to a statement from his office. In the wake of the announcement yesterday people from all over the political spectrum have responded. The purpose of this post is to talk about the idea of conditional compassion vs unconditional compassion and access [Read More…]

Here’s Why Compassionate Skepticism Is Necessary

Skepticism is a critical skill and its importance will never be any less than it is right now which on a day to day basis means that being skeptical is really important. Skepticism is probably essential in an age where any literate person can go online at virtually any time and look up all sorts of [Read More…]

Announcing A Bipartisan Hispanic And Latin American Forum

I’m creating a bipartisan group of Hispanic and Latin American political operatives and strategists which will work to increase opportunities for political participation and political conversations among Hispanic and Latin American voters throughout the country. Here’s why: in the wake of 2016 election not a lot of groups are focusing on Hispanic and Latin American [Read More…]

Law Enforcement And Immigration Officials: A Needed Conversation

I thought about writing about how frustrating law enforcement officials were being when it came to Hispanic and Latino people a long time ago. I thought about covering this topic when Sen. Kamala Harris made the claim in February that Latinos are less likely to report crimes to law enforcement officials out of fear of [Read More…]

The Benito Juarez Experience Reexamines The Religious Left

In case you didn’t know I am a co-host of a podcast. Our name is The Benito Juarez Experience. Our first episode talked about the religious left and we decided to reexamine them after a fairly recent New York Times article was published about them in the first half of June. I wanted to share [Read More…]

Can We Improve Our Knowledge Of The Role Of Latinos In Our History?

From the Spanish’s incursions into what would become North Carolina, to the centuries during which what would become Florida was owned by the Spanish, to the role of Spain during the French and Indian War (they sided with the French), to the role of Latin-Americans in the military of the United States during the Second [Read More…]

North Carolina Senate Bill 553, Why It Matters, And Your Role

North Carolina’s journalists are once again revealing how genuinely out of date our state’s laws are by reporting on the 1979 North Carolina Supreme Court case State v. Way. North Carolina is infamous among advocates for reforming how our country views sexual abuse because of this monstrous case and the decision our state-level Supreme Court [Read More…]

In The Thick Tackles Narratives And Identities Justifying Violence

In The Thick is a phenomenal podcast that I write about once or twice every couple of months. It’s usually hosted by Julio Ricardo Varela and Maria Hinojosa, but in the latest episode which came out earlier today, Julio was by himself as Maria Hinojosa is currently in El Paso. This latest episode tackles the [Read More…]