The Benito Juarez Experience: A Podcast Worth Checking Out

So I’m the co-host of a podcast. It’s named The Benito Juarez Experience. Dr. Juhem Navarro-Rivera, a good friend of mine, decided to start a podcast a few months ago and wanted a co-host so that he didn’t go about it alone and invited me to join him given that many of our interests align [Read More…]

Beginning A Conversation: David’s Thoughts On Diversity

Talking about diversity within the skeptical community can sometimes result in neat chats like this. Yesterday I made a post about diversity in skeptical conferences and this caused a reaction. David Osorio a digital pal of mine and a Colombian writer wrote a response to it. David is a solid writer, and someone who I generally [Read More…]

Diversity Matters For Skeptical Conventions And Conferences

On an earlier post I said I’d talk about this, so here we go. There’s a lack of diversity among speakers in skeptical events and conferences. And it’s annoying. It’s even worse because this is not a challenging thing to overcome. It’s actually really easy to move past this, not from an activists point of [Read More…]

Tackling David Platt’s Easter Challenge For Non-Christians

David Platt of “Radical” made a “serious” Easter post. I thought it’d be interesting to respond to it. Let’s break it down. Diving Into Mr. Platt’s claims: Yesterday Mr. Platt made a blog post. Specifically he made this blog post. This is a post that Mr. Platt believes poses a challenge to non-Christians. I happened [Read More…]

Some Thoughts On How To Normalize Skepticism Among Hispanic

As a Hispanic atheist I think a lot about how to normalize skepticism among Hispanics. This blog post is just going to be me attempting to organize my thoughts on this subject. As an obvious disclaimer: this is all from my own experience. Keep that in mind because even though I was raised in Central, [Read More…]

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Lies About The Supreme Court

According to Politifact Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a somewhat bumpy relationship with the truth. He lies (I’m defining “lies” as claims that are either mostly false or false) about 43% percent of the time and he tells things that are at least partially true (the other claims, the “half true” “mostly true” and [Read More…]

March 31st 1492: The Alhambra Decree And The Ottoman Empire

Today is March 31st and to Sephardi Jews and historians of Jewish history this is also a dark day. It’s the anniversary of the issuance of the Alhambra Decree. The Alhambra Decree was the decree that forced Spanish Jews to leave Spain or to publicly convert to Catholicism. The Alhambra Decree rarely gets the coverage [Read More…]

In The Thick Hosts A Chat About Immigration In Newest Episode

A podcast I have previously mentioned and praised hosted a conversation about immigration. The fantastic “In The Thick” podcast hosted by Julio Ricardo Varela and Maria Hinojosa took some time to have a conversation about the decision of the Trump administration to turn their ugly head back at immigration in the wake of their failure [Read More…]

Paul Ryan Keeps Talking About Growing Pains. That Doesn’t Cut It.

When it comes to failure of the GOP’s healthcare bill a few Republicans, most notably Paul Ryan, have cited “growing pains” as part of the reasoning behind the collapse of the bill which would have devastated healthcare access for millions of estadounidenses. Another Republican who has spoken about the transition from opposition party to governing [Read More…]

I Work With A Lot Of Organizations, Here Are Two You Can Check Out!

So first of all: I’ve been crazy busy. It sucks but that’s the way it is when you’re a college student on the verge of graduating but also a blogger. That being said I wanted to create a brief listicle type article where I show some love to a few organizations I really like who [Read More…]