The purpose of this post is to share a handful of small YouTube atheist channels that create interesting and high-quality content. Each of the YouTubers featured here is a fascinating individual whose quality content has a small fan-base with less than 100 subscribers and each of these folks are people who in my opinion deserve far larger audiences. If you like the videos I share in this post the best thing you could do is to check out the rest… Read more

World famous chef Anthony Bourdain has passed away and was found deceased earlier today. His cause of death has been said to be suicide. Before going any further into this article if hearing any of this news or any news surrounding the death of Kate Spade has you feeling that you need help please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Their number is 1-800-273-8255 and they want to help you, and they’ll do it without passing judgement. Or… Read more

What is storytelling? To me, storytelling is when someone (a storyteller) or a group of people (storytellers) commit to the act of communicating a narrative either fictional or nonfictional across a wide range of mediums. This act can have a variety of purposes, most commonly in my experience, it’s purely for entertainment value. I consider myself a storyteller at least when I write fiction which is something I do a lot more than people realize. In writing today’s post I… Read more

On the very first page of Sovereignty, a new novel by Australian author, veteran, and cult-survivor Rhys Hagan, Jesus of Nazareth questions the idea that money is the root of all evil. This is a smartly written and utterly remarkable novel which is an emotional journey that showcases the transformation of Jesus from a local and charismatic wiseman to a larger than life figure and the assumed leader of a massive religious movement sweeping Judea. What Is Sovereignty & Why… Read more

Latin American secular humanists in the United States exist. We know this not only because of the impossibility of it not being true given the existence of Latin American nonbelievers and Latin American “nones” but also because organizations for Latin American secular humanists exist. We also know this because of the work of Puerto Rican secular humanists. So who’s doing the work to organize Latin American humanists in the United States on all levels? Where’s the work being done to… Read more

Hunger in Latin-America and the Caribbean is on the rise. This is according to data from among other sources, the Food And Agriculture Organization of the UN. This dangerous rise will make existing conflicts worse and will lead to loss of life and a breakdown of social norms that worsens violence in places like Venezuela. Starvation is a serious threat that needs to be recognized and addressed substantially. It’s still worth noting that in Latin-America hunger isn’t the only thing… Read more

As everyone who pays any attention to estadounidense politics undoubtedly knows House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced his congressional retirement. I decided to listen to his speech and something that I heard him say has stayed in my head since I heard it. The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives made a fascinating rhetorical decision in the speech announcing his retirement. I want to talk about it and check how committed he is to it (as in how… Read more

I am in process of applying to graduate school at my alumni mater to get a Master’s Of Arts degree in Peace and Conflict Studies which is scary because I feel nervous that I won’t get accepted. The purpose of this post is to introduce readers unfamiliar with the field (I was unfamiliar with the field myself until I went to college and I have friends who attended the same university as me and are still unaware of the field… Read more

I’ve previously mentioned that April is going to be the first ever history month for free-thought, humanism, & secularism. This is a post about that, and how it is that people and organizations can participate even if I haven’t contacted them. Why April? Originally I wanted it to be done in May. I thought May was a good month to pick but after speaking with a few other historians we collectively agreed that it should be in the month with… Read more

I am going to be an occasional guest on what I describe as a debate podcast named “The Pan-National Express”. Today the moderator, my fellow debater an ethnic-nationalist who went by the name Oslo, and I debated separatism (which may or may not get uploaded because of audio problems we had in recording it, but I enjoyed the debate and gained a better understanding of ethnic-nationalism because of it and want to have a conversation with my readers because of it)…. Read more

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