Hispanic Heritage Month And The Federal Republic Of Central America

Today is the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s also the Independence Day of various Central American nations: Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa-Rica, and Guatemala. The purpose of this post is to briefly talk about the history of Hispanic Heritage Month and to teach readers about a period of Central American history that is often forgotten by people outside of Central America: the period of time when various Central American nations formed a single nation: The Federal Republic Of Central America. The… Read more

Hispanic Secular Humanism And News: The Future Of Sin God

I want to take some time to write about secular humanism and news in Latin America and how that impacts the direction I’m considering taking this blog in. If that interests you I’d love for you to stick around and let me know what you think! As a blogger I’ve covered a lot of different topics with varying degrees of skill and professionalism. That being said: I’ve not seen any writers consistently and professionally write about secular humanism from a… Read more

Cristela Alonzo Appears On In The Thick To Talk DACA

I’ve talked about In The Thick before but in the wake of the decision to rescind and repeal DACA and catastrophically impact the lives of nearly one million Americans I’ve made a decision to share their podcast yet again. Today’s very special episode of In The Thick features the hilarious guest Cristela Alonzo who I’ve been an admirer of for a while now. As usual I’ll start off the review of the episode with an introduction of the guest. Cristela Alonzo is… Read more

Jefferson Sessions Does What Trump Is Too Cowardly To Do

Minutes ago Attorney General Jefferson Sessions announced the death of DACA, the immigration policy announced and enforced by former President Barrack Obama which gave some undocumented individuals the ability to live in and work in this country with stme leniency that they previously weren’t afforded. This response to the death of DACA is being written both during and immediately after the announcement is being made and thus some of the information in it might be contradicted as more information becomes… Read more

Defending Access To The American Dream: A Defense Of DACA

The President of the United States is reportedly considering bringing DACA to an end. If he does he will be hurting Americans, and not Americans in the sense that Hondurans, Canadians, and Uruguayans are Americans but in the sense that I and my girlfriend, a Puerto-Rican raised abroad and a Salvadorian born and raised in the United States respectively, are Americans. DACA does not protect foreigners. It protects Americans who are American in everything but legal status. And in today’s… Read more

How Can Skeptics Better Challenge Christians On Sin?

As an atheist who participates in debates online I hear lots of Christians tell me about sin. I frequently hear them warning me that I’m a sinner and that I need to repent. I understand that this is a part of the way they think they’ll win me over to Christianity and thus fulfill in a modern sense the great commission but it’s also a bit nonsensical to me. In today’s post I want to give my perspective on sin as… Read more

The Nashville Statement, Its Authors, Signers, And Why It Matters

If you pay attention to the religious factions within the Bible Belt you might have heard of a thing called the Nashville Statement. In today’s post I want to examine the Nashville Statement and discuss how it impacts conceptions of family and families. If left alone and not criticized this document could empower a conservative faction of Christians (who are also thankfully most likely a small faction of Christians) who because of it would feel energized when it comes towards moving… Read more

Steve Montenegro’s Is Not President Trump’s Best Media Personality

Steve Montenegro is a Salvadorian Republican who currently represents Arizona State Senate’s 13th district. Arizona State Senator Montenegro was on Jake Tapper’s State Of The Union show yesterday where he engaged in a heated debate with Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos. For today’s post I wanted to take some time and write about State Senator Montenegro. But first: check out the debate between the two: Senator Montenegro Not Everyone In The Left Was Pleased By Obama’s Pardons: Arizona State Senator Montenegro… Read more

The Pardoning Of Sheriff Arpaio And The Future Of This Administration

Last night amid a flurry of things that happened with a hurricane hitting Texas, Sebastian Gorka either resigning or being kicked out of his position as deputy assistant to the President, President Trump pardoned one of his oldest allies former Sheriff of Maricopa county Arizona Joe Arpaio. All day today news sources and websites have published articles about Arpaio so I figured I’d chime in and write down my thoughts. I’m very interested in the thoughts of anyone who is… Read more

Legislation, Cars, And Protesters: How Laws Can Be Affected By Tragedy

Just two days ago James Croft of Temple Of The Future wrote a brilliantly written piece on weaponized cars and their usage against protesters over the last few months. It was a phenomenal piece and anyone who reads this one definitely should go read his as well. While its important that we talk about patience when it comes to cars the idea that when cars are weaponized they are being weaponized by impatient people isn’t always the case. The reality… Read more