In today’s post, I’m going to use a specific & recent example of something that sounds like it is sanitizing history, namely Gina Rodriguez’s recent statement that read as “white-washy” to a lot of its readers. For disclosure’s sake, I’m also going to say that I’ve criticized Gina as well & agree with people who think this if nothing else sounds like sanitizing history, but I’m wary of being overly critical of this or of targeting Gina as a person because… Read more

Philosopher William Lane Craig (who thereafter shall be referred to as WLC) is an infamous philosopher known for making bad arguments and for badly arguing for Christianity. I’ve never paid attention to him because there are infinitely more interesting philosophers to pay attention to than him, but an argument of his came to my attention earlier today and after hearing it I knew I needed to respond to it. The argument is the Applicability of Mathematics argument (this is actually… Read more

I’m currently sick and to some, it might be possible to hear that in my voice in the video I filmed last night. Despite that, I’m more than a little bit excited to say that I filmed my first ever totally in Spanish video last night. It’s actually the second time I’ve primarily used Spanish in a video since a few years ago I did a Facebook live for The Hispanic Atheist (which hit 500 likes on Friday!) which was… Read more

The National Prayer Breakfast took place on Thursday, the 8th of February this year. I think this year’s Prayer Breakfast deserved a lengthy reaction and I figured having more voices involved would probably be a good thing. If you want to read the transcript for the National Prayer Breakfast click here, and if you want to watch the actual speech I’ll, as usual, be linking it right below this paragraph. Response To The National Prayer Breakfast Speech: President Donald Trump indulged… Read more

For anyone new to this blog my name is Luciano Gonzalez. I am a historian specializing in irreligious history in Latin-America & Latin-Americans in the United States and am a graduate of the University of North Carolina where I studied history and anthropology. I have been organizing historians and organizations built around both present-day & historical freethought, humanism, & secularism for a few weeks now and we’re excited to now be able to announce that we’re making April into a… Read more

This isn’t an article about YouTube’s changes. Others have talked about that better than I can and I’d rather you read their works instead (I don’t agree with many of YouTube’s changes, but I do understand where they are coming from as a company). This is instead an article specifically about my personal YouTube objectives and an article meant to get people to go check out my channel and the channels of the people I mention in today’s article. I just… Read more

So some news outlets are talking about marriage equality in Latin America because of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ decision/announcement the other. I wanted to sit down and explain some of what international observers ought to know about the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the various attitudes towards same-sex attraction and granting of civil rights to LGTBQIA+ in Latin America and about the background of the decision. The Inter-American Court Of Human Rights & The Organization Of American States:… Read more

The big news story of today for anyone who is Hispanic-estadounidense has undoubtedly been the reported announcement by multiple news agencies that President Trump is planning to announce that El Salvador will lose its Temporary Protected Status in September of 2019 which it’s had since 2001 in the wake of a massive earthquake that left nearly a thousand dead and over a million people homeless. This is a massive news story that affects hundreds of thousands of Salvadorians and almost as… Read more

Today’s post is going to be an interesting one to write and to research. It’s an analysis of the afterlives posited by The Book Of Life & Coco. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now but it took me reading this in order to inspire me to actually sit down and write it out. If you haven’t seen either of these films check out the trailers for them by clicking down below. Animated Mexican Afterlives: First I’m saying that… Read more

I contributed a chapter to Not Seeing God; Atheism In The 21st Century a book written by various authors and bloggers representing the majority of the Patheos Nonreligious blog network. It was released last month on Amazon and I got it in the mail last night. To say that I was excited was a bit of an understatement. This book was the result of a large group of people working hard to create a large number of intelligent essays against religion,… Read more

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