I Work With A Lot Of Organizations, Here Are Two You Can Check Out!

So first of all: I’ve been crazy busy. It sucks but that’s the way it is when you’re a college student on the verge of graduating but also a blogger. That being said I wanted to create a brief listicle type article where I show some love to a few organizations I really like who [Read More…]

Kevin Sorbo, Once Again Stars In Anti-Atheist Propaganda

Kevin Sorbo has once again thrown his meager weight behind an anti-atheist movie. I guess he was running out of that God’s Not Dead money. This time it’s Kevin not as a evil college professor who is a misotheist pretending to be an atheist, but as a world-famous atheist who has a near death experience [Read More…]

Pixar Studios Releases Trailer For Coco: Which Lights Internet On Fire

This is what I want to see more of. I want to see more movie makers creating content like this which showcases the culture of Mexico and other Latin-American nations in a new, and positive light. Coco looks like it could be what I and many other young Latin-Americans want to see more of: fascinating, [Read More…]

Analyzing The Latest “In The Thick” Podcast With Javier Palomarez

“In The Thick” is a podcast co-hosted by Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela. This absolutely spectacular podcast talks critically about important issues but they had their most important conversation (in my opinion) on Monday (that’s a link to the podcast, it is exclusively audio, the actual website can be reached by clicking here). In it they [Read More…]

Chumel Torres Breaks Down Clickbait And Alternative Facts For Viewers

I’ve written about a late-night talk show about Latin-America before, but what many people in the United States (but especially people who don’t know Spanish) don’t know is HBO Latin-America actually has a late-night satirical show in Spanish starring Mexican satirist Chumel Torres. On Sunday Torres tackled three major topics: clickbait, alternative facts, and post-truth [Read More…]

Spanish Videos Talking About Atheism From A Believing Point Of View

I did this last month but I want to make it a monthly thing. So let’s get together and explore what the Spanish (language) section of YouTube thinks about atheists. This time we’re looking for Christian videos about atheists, not just any old video about skepticism in Spanish. I also wanted to keep it shorter so [Read More…]

Humanistas Seculares De Puerto Rico Appear In Court Tomorrow

UPDATE: The court case is not happening tomorrow, March 3rd. The court case has changed and it is my understanding that while it was originally going to be handled in the state level court, there has been a change and it will now be happening on the federal level, which means that this case is [Read More…]

A Nicaraguan Woman Named Vilma Killed By Christians

I don’t know how to properly cover this atrocious act but I want to share news that I’ve heard and briefly talk about it. A Nicaraguan woman named Vilma is the latest victim of Christianity, supposedly a rogue version of Pentecostal Christianity led by a pastor who is not recognized by the head of the [Read More…]

Dodie Clark Tackles The Way Media Covers YouTube

I’ve mentioned Dodie Clark in another article, only briefly, but she deserves to be talked about far more. In her latest video for Vedif (vlogging/videos every day in February) Dodie (Dorothy Miranda Clark) talks about the way more traditional media outlets have talked about YouTube and she responds to some of the hate she’s seen [Read More…]

Video Games As A Medium To Share History And Folklore

I think that video games are one of the ultimate art forms. I also think that video games present an opportunity for communicators of history and folklore to be really creative in our story telling. Video games are an interactive medium which communicators can use to tell vibrant stories and to create fantastic landscapes that [Read More…]